Thursday, January 30, 2014


Keeping Calm

Carson couldn't even decide if he even wanted to know his brother.

He thought he did, but it hadn't happened yet. Besides, getting settled into his new place was enough to make him wary. Besides, the room next door were full of strange sounds in the middle of the afternoon. And that guy didn't even care if he was there.

Soon enough, Carson found himself in the kitchen. Ricki was always in the kitchen. He wondered if that was the only room she stayed in the house. And she had a baby. He didn't really catch her name, and he was sure he'd annoyed her a few times asking about her little boy when all was a little girl.

"So did, you, meet him?" Ricki asked about her brother.

"Not yet." Carson shook his head. He'd gotten on down at the Campus Coffee shop. That was a lot to get used too. And the cold. He'd never lived in such bitter cold before. He was from Florida. He didn't remember this area at all. He'd lived in the heartland when he was little, but he hadn't expected the ice. He'd slipped already on Campus. It had only bruised his ego.

"But... you know where he is?" Ricki asked as she was finishing up some dishes. The baby was getting fussy. She picked her up from the play pen and cuddled her a bit. Before he knew it, there he was with the baby in his lap.

Carson felt all nervous.

"Keep calm, and it'll work out fine." She told him.

He wasn't sure what she meant, but before he knew it..he felt as if the baby calmed him.

"Do, you want me to go with?" Rickie looked at him as if Carson needed some coaxing.

"Oh, no." Carson shook his head. He didn't mean to drag anyone into this. After all, what could he do? Say he wanted to be his brother's guardian? He just wanted to know who he was. A small mystery that's all. But then, if he did that..he might have to get to know him. He didn't know if that were a good idea. Life with his mother had taken a toll on him. "Maybe, maybe its just not suppose to happen."

"I think we should do it. I can go. I think it would be great for you to meet your brother." Ricki had a way of making everything sound so easy.

"I dunno." He finally said. He sighed with an open smile.

"I've got cookies I can bring." She had them all wrapped up ready to go.

Carson sighed. He didn't even know her and yet he felt Ricki was seriously the only person he really wanted in his life.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Carson's a sweetheart.


Sara Gerard said...

He should listen to her, cookies help make all the problems a little better! :)

ivy said...

Ricki to the rescue! I like that.

deb said...

Adoring that baby!!

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