Friday, January 24, 2014

Things are weird

Things are weird

Crosby wasn't sure if he should share it because Julie might really get a laugh if she knew. But she was the only girl he'd actually ever been with.

Sure, there were some close calls with Lola. A part of him really thought, he'd waited so long. Yet, maybe he didn't miss Lola so much now.

He really hadn't expected to be here this long at Julie's. Thinking his grandma would come to her senses and let him back home. After all, he thought he was the one taking care of her all this time. Evidently, his grandmother though differently.

Meanwhile, it was a new life to fall into the steps, too. When to go to bed. When to get up. He shared Julie's room.

So he'd pick up, try to keep things a little organized. Julie didn't really like it.

"Why are, you doing this?" She didn't want him straightening up. After all, she really didn't have time too with her classes at the University and all those late night shows.

"I dunno. I guess..that's.." He'd been trained by the best when it came to house work. His grandma was the commander and chief when it came to domestic things. Instead he let the clothes drop from his hands and she kissed him as if they had much more important things to do.

And he was OK for that. At least for a little while. Especially, if she wanted what he thought she wanted.

There in bed, long after the rushed moment together, he did wonder what he was going to do with his life. He took the semester off. He knew he needed to get back to the routine of life, or he might be swallowed up by a weekend passion that churned daily with doing just about everything in bed, but working.

"Well, you're not her sex slave." Kera informed him one morning when he was sneaking out to get them some cereal in the kitchen. He could tell Her sister wished he'd go away. Yes, he knew things were different, but he didn't think the girls would never stop bickering. "If you two want to move in together. Do it somewhere else."

She scowled at him as if he'd out stayed his welcome.

Crosby understood.

"I never had a place of my own." Now he felt as if he was something no one really wanted, especially in his own family. He'd never exactly had a real job, either. The places he'd worked was just money under the table, so to speak.

He'd only known Catholic school. He'd even made it into the prep school for boys who were to go into the priesthood. It felt like some cruel joke now. There was a time when he'd been pushed to be the best while growing up. Now it all faded away as if it never really happened.

Kera kept looking at him, that he better have a plan. But he didn't think Julie liked plans. Evidently.

"Better start working on a resume." She pursed her lips. "Spring will be here before you know it. She'll be bored with, you, by then."

She shrugged.

About then his stomach growled as he went to get the milk. He thought of Hansen. Someone needed to tell Crosby what to do.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Sounds like changes are a'comin'.


Sara Gerard said...

Wow, things do seem okay for the moment, but that they also might change drastically.

ivy said...

I hope Crosby is up for this new life.

deb said...

Definitely, a new kind of life for both of them.