Saturday, January 4, 2014

What is it about Gage?

what is it about Gage?

Josie knew she should be on Dean's side, but it was Jules who'd lost his cool. He was so close to getting himself arrested.

Yes, they'd waited what seemed forever before the police got involved. And then here they were doing more than any cop was.

Thankfully, the one cop shop was preoccupied, and Jules flew in like a demon of some kind to take a look for his sister.

"I looked to see if the floor know.. be a secret passage or something." He'd said later when they were back out in the cold.

"Maybe, we should go home before, you get into any trouble." They were lucky the cop hadn't sent them away. The cop was easy on them because he remembered Josie's mother.

"Smooth voice, that one's got. How come I haven't heard her on the radio, lately?" Josie wasn't sure if telling him she was on maternity leave was a good thing or not. By the end, he wanted to know if her mother remarried.

"Engaged." Josie just said as if perhaps the cop might be a stalker on his off hours. Soon they were on their way to the soup kitchen, practically on the heels of the cop.

Yes, Gage was there. He was perfectly reliable, evidently. It was as if the cop summed it all up and was on his way. They just had a runaway to deal with.

They waited. Even if Jules didn't want too. He was ready to beat some sense into Gage. All the while Gage was Mr. Friendly and wishing the old timers a good new year.

It was disgusting to watch.

"Let me talk to him." She told Jules. She might not could pack a punch, but she had a few things to say to him.

"Hey," Josie caught up to Gage before he went into the cold. "Where are, you going?" She did her best to act as if she was smitten, but there was an anger pulsing through her veins. It didn't have a thing to do with Halie, actually.

"Home." He shrugged.

"Really?" She watched him. All pleasant. Maybe even happy to see her.

"It was you, who started the house fire, wasn't it?" The words came before she meant for them too. How could he be so cruel? To say those things about Dean.

"I dunno what you're even talking about." He stared right through her.

"It was you. It was you, who'd been left alone all those hours, when you were a baby. It was you, who's Mom was on meth." Her words were like daggers. "You're the one who can't fit in. So you have to take what you want, don't you?"

He said nothing, but turned to go.

"Where is she? Gage? What have, you, done with Halie?" She grabbed at the sleeve of his denim coat, but he pulled away. He wouldn't even look at her, but she hung on as if the weight of her would drown his emotions some how.

"LOOK! She wants to be with me! She does!" He pushed Josie, and almost punched her in the face, but Jules grabbed him from behind.


deb said...

Thank goodness Jules was there.

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Gage is acting so out of control right now.


ivy said...

Gage is really a bad boy.