Wednesday, February 26, 2014

a thousand lonely thoughts

A 10000 lonely thoughts

Halie was going over and over in her head, so many different scenarios with her mother, telling her the news about this.

But the more she thought on it, she found herself wrapped up in a ball on her bed weeping. Oh, her mum would be so mad. Not nearly as bad as Dad.

She'd get rid of it. It was still an IT, wasn't it? Yet, she didn't want too. No way, was she going into any clinic and have something done, so final. After all, this was Gage's baby. And if he couldn't be here, what better way ...

Oh, such romantic rot made her want to heave what ever might be in her stomach. Well, it could have been morning sickness, only it happened about mid-night.

After she barfed what ever the remains of supper, she went back to bed to lay on her back in torment. She supposed this wasn't so good for the baby. A BABY.

Her throat was parched as she set up on her elbows.

Just what was she going to do?

Call Jules, of course.

"You up?" She asked first thing.

"Does it matter?" He mumbled. "What is it?"

"Oh, I couldn't sleep. How, you been?" Just hearing her brother's voice made everything swell. She smiled as if this would be a happy conversation. She couldn't bring him down. "How's Willow these days?"

"She's good. Really, really she is good."

"Well...I'm going to be an Auntie and all. Shall I learn to knit or crochet?" She smiled as if she was some other carefree Halie who just might be a nanny to his service. Yes, she could be Mary Poppins and just..pop in.

"Halie? Why are you calling? You should be asleep." Jules informed her.

"Should I? Well, I'm really know..sorry..I didn't mean too.." She clicked off. Knowing she shouldn't have called. Couldn't he think of her as a silly lass?

She took a deep breath and knew what she should do. Call Jonah. Now.


Elle Sees said...

thanks for stopping by, and for sharing your stories with us :)

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I hope she's making the right decision.


Sara Gerard said...

Oh geez, she really needs to think this one out!

ivy said...

Halie really has herself in a fix.