Friday, February 28, 2014

Feeling the Moment

Feeling the moment

Fish was worried  about Syreeta and the Sawyer situation. He didn't think she was telling him the whole truth. He guessed he'd have to live with it. No way, he could force it out of her. So maybe his mind was somewhere else at the dance.

At least, he got Shan to dress up, a little. Otherwise, Shan would have shown up in black, looking as if he hated everyone and everything, but he hadn't made any sour comments about Henry and Leo in their matching white suits. He'd been really laid back, and when they went back to Shan's room to exchang gifts.

Fish got Shan a necklace while Shan pulled out the jerky he'd gotten at a gun show for Fish. Actually, Shan didn't have a gun, but he liked to look at them. It was one outing Fish didn't want to go to with him. Fish just didn't find the fascination.

But Shan put on the arrowhead necklace, said he loved it and soon things unfolded like they always did when they were together. Naturally, Shan was a happy camper even when they were indoors.

"I dunno how much longer Ricki and Topher can stay together." Shan brought up what was on his mind, afterwards. He pulled in Fish as if he'd be here all night.

"Ricki?" Fish tried not to think about it, but he wondered if..if there was ever the opportunity of Ricki being alone..if Shan would take advantage of it. Of course, he was in Shan's arms at the moment.

"Its just sometimes, I dunno what she ever saw in him in the first place. He's never here." Shan shrugged. "And that this Carson has moved in..What..if ..what if she does something she'll regret?"

"Look, are you,'re not in love with her?" Fish spoke what was on his mind. He'd thought it from time to time since Thanksgiving. After all, she was over to Fish's parents for the holiday.

"I can't believe you said that." Shan just grinned. "You, can't be jealous of her. You, can't be."

"Not really." Fish had to admit Shan didn't show any signs of playing for the other team when they were together..but... "Look, I-I had this terrible dream..that..that you and her.."

"Oh, my God." Shan laughed so hard, but he hugged Fish more too. "Sedation, and sperm donations would have to be in order before that happened." He sighed. "Its just..she's like this sister I never had. She's like real family to me. I mean, I have to look out for her. And if..if she gets involved with this Carson..I dunno..what if we all have to move out of this house?"

"I'm sorry I doubted you." Fish touched his face then. "But there are some things, you just have to let happen."

Shan nodded as if he understood. Ricki was a mute subject.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Fish is right.


Sara Gerard said...

I like them together, they are learning a lot about trust.

ivy said...

Shan is really oh so Shan. They do have fun in bed.