Sunday, February 9, 2014

Moving with the flow

Going with the flow

"They're sisters?" Hansen looked at Crosby as if he had a strange taste in his mouth. "I did not know that." He guessed he should have asked Julie if they were her sisters. "Well, they never get along." He hated it when he was there.

Crosby nodded as Hansen went to blend him something in his Vitia-mix that he now owned, since on Sundays at the mall he demonstrated for the company. It was just a little extra cash. He handed Crosby over the berry smoothie.

"But you and Julie?"

Crosby only shrugged as if it might be bad karma if he talked about him and Julie together.

"You know, she's the last person I ever expected you to be with. Honestly." Hansen spoke his mind. "Are you sure you're OK?" Hansen was concerned because Crosby's grandmother obviously wasn't. Sometimes, he thought Crosby might only be his real family. He didn't exactly see eye to eye with Hutch on anything.

"You, never thought you'd be with Sara, either." Crosby pointed out. "Obviously, you always had a thing for her."

"That's true. I just wish things hadn't gone so bad for her with Max." Hansen sighed. She was truly a happy person once again, but now it was different even if she did love having him around. She was more serious now. He thought about how she over reacted about the Max breakup. Maybe that was the real reason she didn't want kids. It wasn't that he wanted any at the moment, but some day he did want to be a Dad.

"Breakups do make, you crazy." Crosby admitted as he sipped on the icy drink.

"Obviously." Hansen grinned.

"But, you never did fight for Daisy." Crosby squinted. "How come? I thought you loved her?"

"I don't think she wanted me too." Hansen shook his head. "I was never her boyfriend. She didn't like me that much. Actually, there was a time, I wasn't sure anyone would like me that much." But Sara changed that. And he was glad she was there to come home too. It was great to feel as if he could go on with a future. Maybe her future was bright too.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I'm glad they're talking.


ivy said...

They do need each other. Good to see Hansen going forward. Crosby too. The little things do mean a lot.