Monday, March 24, 2014

when in need

When in Need

It took a lot to make Nora mad. But then again, she might have been angry about a lot things she couldn't do anything about. Like her parents.

They'd had money once. Old money, in fact. And her mother could never live without it. Or so her father said. It was an old fight. Like a stain that would never come out of a white Tee-shirt. And it was that element that never went away.

Nora supposed she and Joel might have been invisible to them. They'd had plenty of private schools and nanniess over the years. They were seldom seen and Nora guessed she forgot she even had a voice in all this. But times were hard, and for once Nora thought they might be like anybody else. Down sized and doing their own cooking and wash.

Nora could get used to that, but soon her mother left and the wild fires came and now here she was like some lost fairy tale where there was no happy ending.

Roman, perhaps played the prince with the heart of an org. She was beginning to think, but then she'd always liked Shrek.

Yes, Roman had done the inevitable.

He didn't do a thing to her. It was her brother's feelings that he hurt. Bringing up the idea that maybe..just maybe Joel only liked Vada because she looked like Nora.

Nora found herself wanting to thrash someone as she held on to Joel's shoulders. "Don't you, believe a word he said!" She looked him in eye and made him promise to forget Roman ever said it.

She was ready to smash the brains out of someone. How could he?

Soon she was left alone to throw a few pillows off her bed. Gnash her teeth, pick all the pillows off the floor and then scream into them.

She was certain of it now. Nora hated Roman Hardy.

"What's the matter?" said a very kind voice. Joel must have left her bedroom door open.

 Nora jerk her head around as if she might be a cobra ready to strike. But she said nothing. She only swelled a frown, got up and slammed the door in Roman's face.

"OW!" came a merciful cry. She'd smashed his finger in the corner of the door. Still she said nothing after she opened the door. She shut it tight and flung herself on the bed and had a good long cry.

She imagined a far off land where she was just a girl with sisters. And they lived in the country. Of course, it was like dreaming a PBS special from BBC where everyone spoke in lovely yet solemn British accents.

When Nora awoke, it was dark. She was hungry.

 After pulling on her pink Uggs and her pink hoodie, she crept downstairs. Nora looked to the kitchen, but she wanted more than a glass of milk and P&J sandwich.

Nora went outside.

At least the snow had melted, but it was far from warm. She didn't care. Actually, Nora felt numb as she walked toward the busy part of town that was still opened at this hour. Finally, she got to a stop light and waited to cross the street.

"Hey," Someone rolled down their pickup truck window. "Nora!"

He knew her name. Nora only winced. Who would know her name?

The pick up truck pulled up to her.

"What are you doing out so late?" He asked.

It was that guy she had Home Life with. It was a Freshman class, but she'd always wanted to learn to cook, and he was a football player. She remembered.

He opened the door. She only shrugged, but the cold coaxed her in.

"What are you doing out so late?" She was still a little shocked that he knew her name. She'd forgotten his. Actually, she'd vowed to never know it. Nora did not go out with football players.

"I had to take my sister's friend home." He sighed.

Nora looked at the clock on his dashboard. It was late. Like after midnight late.

"How about breakfast?" He asked.

"OK." She couldn't say no with her stomach growling so. Actually, she only had five dollars to her name and she'd gone out without her cell. All the makings of a great horror film, she guessed.

"So? You OK?" He asked later, over coffee and after they'd ordered eggs Benedict at one of his favorite cafes, a place where usually old timers went. He confessed he used to wash dishes here.

Nora felt as if she might have a really big cry.

"I don't  even remember your name." She practically crumbled into tears.

He told her his name was Grayson and scooted in next to her, just so she could cry on his chest.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Nora's going through a lot.


deb said...

I'm happy she found Grayson!

ivy said...

Oh, Roman. Maybe he's not that smart. Hope things are good with Grayson.

Sara Gerard said...

Wow, I am interested to hear more about Grayson.