Friday, April 4, 2014

It couldn't be real

It couldn't be real

There was nothing wrong with having an e-mail pal. Did Kayla have to go over this with Audrey, again?

Still, she couldn't explain to her sister/ cousin how he got her e-mail ..nor who e-mailed each other first. Maybe they e-mailed each other as soon as possible. Oh, how she missed pen-pals, then e-mail pals.

 No one really wrote real letters anymore, thought Kayla. But Garvin wasn't like that. His letters were so incisive. It was breathtaking just opening each e-mail. Finally, there was some excitement in her life.

Besides, Ethan (one of her first boyfriends that reminded her of Garvin) went to Japan, got hooked on probably more than the local beer and got fat (as she recalled). She didn't like his letters anymore. She hadn't for a long time. And they were so far and few now. After all, he was a guy who only cared about his needs. While Garvin, Ethan's look a like, was just the opposite. Honestly, he was a whole lot more eye-candy. Although, he seldom sent a photo of himself. No, just some obscure photo of a street in Ottawa. He was spending the winter in Canada. Alone.

And she told him everything. Everything about Oliver. Ian. The baby. Her so called parents and the original ones too. It was a messed up life. Maybe it was just a soul cleansing, but he kept writing back and she couldn't wait every night to get to his stories. His moments.

She loved Garvin to tell her she wasn't so bad of a mother. She was the best librarian ever. Not even a pop-star could bring her this sort of mental bliss.

"You're in love with him." Audrey snatched Kayla's phone while in the breakroom at work. She saw that he'd texted her.

"I am not!" Kayla's voice carried.

"Oh, but you are." Audrey looked a tad disgusted with her.

"He doesn't send me naked pictures." Kayla's eyes lit. She wouldn't want anyone to see her naked. Not even Oliver. Not these days. She didn't worry about shaving the forest on her legs. Even her arm pits were getting a little hairy.

"You and Oliver need some counseling." Audrey was straight lipped.

"What are you talking about?" Kayla tensed. She didn't like the sound of that. Oliver didn't talk about much of anything. He was busy with the bakery. He didn't need her. And they had Avery. And..and Garvin was in Canada.

"I'm not in love." But even when she said, she felt he was the only one who could pull her from drowning in her daily woes. Garvin was actually the only thing that made her happy. She grabbed her cell from Audrey. How dare she try to mettle in her life.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I think Audrey's right - Kayla is in love.


Sara Gerard said...

Hey, whatever makes her happy!

ivy said...

I think there are more to Kayla's issues than she wants to admit. Perhaps, she feels abandoned yet she's abandoning her family too.