Wednesday, April 16, 2014

just like any other day

Just Another Day

"Dad! I want my own place!" Nora didn't mean to be so demanding. Did they have to rely on his Dad's friends? She paced the guest bedroom at Greyson's. She hoped people didn't think they were anymore than  friends.

OK, she'd kissed him. But it wasn't could have been. Nora was living at Greyson's parents.

"Honey, its just..our money..its all tied up." Her Dad told her.

"All tied up?" She squinted as if that was the real problem. "We're broke, aren't we?"

She felt a little dizzy from the realization, but she'd known long before now.

"Its all Mom's fault, isn't it?" She was the one who had to have the latest everything and all those trips to Europe. She'd left her Dad and was filing for divorce.

"Now, Honey, don't say that." Her dad was talking to her like she was a five year old.

"You, don't care about us." She knew it was true. How could they ever leave them with people they hardly knew?

When she was ten she'd had a crush on Roman, who was her first kiss. It felt like reliving a really lame Disney comedy. It wasn't nearly as spectacular. She had never really liked him since then. Especially, when he started bragging about how many girlfriends he had at school.

He hadn't really changed.

"All right, I will get a job." She gritted. "I'm the only one who cares about Joel. I wouldn't leave him. Not like you and Mom."

She hung up before her Dad could say anything. She already knew what he had to say.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Maybe she should have heard him out.


Sara Gerard said...

Ourch! That is not the way to end a conversation!

ivy said...

She might be more like her Mom than she knows.