Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Will it ever be OK

Will it ever be OK

"I thought the party was a hit." Crosby smiled with satisfaction as he was studying which slice of pizza to get. Did he go for the veggie or the meat eater? "I mean, not that I want to have another next weekend, or anything."

Crosby just wanted Kera out of his hair.

"Yeah, out of my wildest dreams, did I ever think Sky would be there, and he remembered me." Hansen shrugged as he got the meat eater slice for Crosby. He put an extra slice of cheese pizza since no one seemed to want any.

He went out to the dining hall with him. Crosby got an unsweetened tea.

"How do you and Julie know him, anyway?" Crosby winced wondering if Sky were her ex or something. Julie had said too much about Sky.

"I dunno. Suppose, she interviewed him or something. I just met him once. I don't really know him." Hansen sucked on his tea as if maybe he were tired of pizza.

Crosby guessed that was the case about Sky. He didn't want to be jealous. The guy didn't act like he was interested in her. Just the music. Music with Hansen. Hutch joined in too.

"I didn't know your brother played, too?" Crosby hoped this was a  good thing for Kera, meeting Hansen's brother.

"Yeah, he knows some, but don't go gushing, cause, you know, he gets a big ego about it." While, evidently, music wasn't in Hansen's blood.

"So, do you miss him?" Crosby wanted to know.

"I dunno." Hansen was vague. "Its just..I can't let myself." He admitted.

"But he's family."

"Yeah, here today..gone tomorrow." Hansen said ever so solemn.

"Well, you and Sara..are OK? She have a good time?" Crosby then asked.

"Oh, you know Sara." Hansen cracked a smile. Crosby had a feeling though that Sara and Julie would never be close.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Hansen seems so withdrawn from it all.


Sara Gerard said...

Good little chat between them :)

ivy said...

I feel bad for Hansen. I hope he gives his brother a chance.