Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Like a thousand times NO

Like a 1000 times NO

Vada fussed with her locker a little more. It was kind of sad that the school year was coming to a close. Actually, a lot things were sad to her.

She really wanted to stay home from school today, but last minute, she knew no one would buy it. Not really. Even if she'd slept most of Sunday. Which was unusual for her. She was after all, an early morning person. Still the whole day dragged on. With only one thought on her mind, and she knew she wasn't suppose to think about him.

"Surprise!" Henry was there with a bag of Gummy Bears. "These always cheer you up. Fat free."

"I don't feel like Gummy Bears." She was even lipped. He was just too freaking happy.

"You're coming to the library?" It was time for him to go to work. She could walk with him. Hang out. Evidently.

"I really-" She didn't know want too, but she found herself making her way out of the building with Henry and finding the path down to the library that went past the baseball field.

"You can't be sick. You're never sick." He kept looking at her as if he'd figure this out. No way, could she keep anything from him. "Is this about Joel?"

"Joel?" She fretted. Why did he have to bring up Joel? "We're fine." Although, he'd gone to Denver over the weekend to see his Dad. He hadn't came back, and he hadn't called. But then, she'd kept her phone off. It was still off. She was sure she had a thousand messages from him, but she just couldn't make herself read them.

"Are you really sure?" Henry wasn't so happy now. He was so serious as he looked at her. "I heard a car-door shut Saturday morning. Did..."

"God, Henry!" She snapped. "People stayed out all night, at Prom. I wasn't even there, you know."

"Yeah, I know..its woke me up..and.."

"And?" Had he seen anything? Did he know? Did he know she'd been with Dean?


Launna said...

Good twist Ellie... I didn't expect she had cheated... I love the way you write ♡ ... Have a wonderful day ♥

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

If Vada feels guilty she just needs to come clean.


Sara Gerard said...

It seems like Vada has some things to work out.

ivy said...

Oh Vada..I have a feeling she needs to talk and someone needs to listen.