Sunday, May 25, 2014

Seeing it through

Seeing it Through

Of course, Garvin knew his brother Ruben thought he was a fool.

He didn't go back to Canada. It felt like the right thing to do. Not to stay for Kayla, but for someone else.

"Well, I hope he comes back." Vera, one Oliver's regulars and sometimes cashier at the bakery was all grins when she talked about Oliver.

Garvin had a pretty good idea that someone would always be there for Oliver, even if she would never admit it, but she was here now and she was showing him how the dough was mixed and the careful watch of the oven and all the proportions of batter that made the bakery what it was.

"Really, its a two man job. Just dunno how Ollie does it." She'd managed the last week to keep the shop going, getting the goods to the campus coffee shop on time.

Garvin flashed a smile. He had no idea what to do, but Vera was the cheerful sort even if she was Amazon woman who looked as if she might have her fun playing Wonder Woman on weekends in the woods.

Actually, she was pleased with all the big black and white photos he'd taken of the shop. Mainly, it was food and the counter. Even her large hands were in one of the photos. He wanted to take her picture, but she only smiled and shook her head, no.

She was the behind the scenes sort, but she was certain Oliver would be pleased with all the photos he'd donned the shop with. Some of the big photos were hanging on the walls of the Campus Coffee Shop too.

Willow offered to pay, but he wouldn't hear of it.

He'd stayed out of the picture with Kayla for the most part. He'd wait and see how it all turned out. Perhaps. Or until he got a call that he needed to be taking pictures of a toad or a frog somewhere. He did get assignments from the text book company.

He listened to Vera now. as she spoke of Oliver fondly.

"Oh, he has the sweetest accent, possible." She blushed now. Her cheeks were rosy.

Really, it didn't feel like work at all. Garvin couldn't help but chuckle.

"You probably think I'm crazy." She smiled more.

"No, not at all." He tried not to laugh, but he did wonder if she liked listening to him. After all, Garvin's British accent did come natural.


Launna said...

I love how you write, you draw the reader in, I always want more :)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

This isn't going to turn out well in the end - the British pretense will backfire. Sadly.


ivy said...

Sounds like an unusual friendship sparking.