Friday, May 30, 2014

the simple pleasures

The simple pleasures

Sky normally liked people. Hate wasn't in his vocabulary. Except for one, and he didn't even give her a name anymore.

Still, there was life after Becca, even if she'd put him through hell and back. He'd almost gone to jail because of her. One drunk night had left him in a deeper depression than he started with.

Of course, that was all behind him now. It was a clean slate even if he'd been kept in the psych ward one weekend when he slashed both wrists. He was more stable now. Had been, for a couple of years. Things were better even if he never saw his Mom anymore, but his grandfather would check up on him, ever so often. And then Mitch came along and gave him a home.

Still, he hated to admit it, but he knew Derrick couldn't stand him. The fact remained, Sky knew thoughtful Mitch deserved better, but he was certainly going to stay out of it. After all, Sky loved the comfort of his room.

He'd came across an old harmonica in his duffle bag. It still worked even if he seldom played it. He decided to give a parting gift to Dean.

"I don't really shop," Sky said as he handed it  over to Dean before his little going away party in the break room. Sky was just going to give it to him, a pat on the back and go to the books to put away. It was best if he stayed in the shadows. Not once had he ever gone to any of their gatherings. No need to make an exception.

Naturally, Dean hugged and thanked him. "Come on, there's ice cream cake. You, can't say no, to ice cream cake."

"Ice cream cake?" Sky grinned. He couldn't remember the last time he'd had it. Probably, when his little sister Star wanted it for her birthday. Back when his Mom worked at City, and they weren't so bad off. "Oh..I really.."

"Yes, you want some. Besides, who taught me everything I know here, huh?" Dean smiled, not taking  NO for an answer.

Sky sighed and followed Dean from the stacks. There were a few of his friends at circulation. That girl, Dean told him about was with a baby stroller with a baby in it.

Suddenly, they were alone. Dean went off somewhere.

Sky looked down at the baby who was wide eyed with big blue eyes taking everything in.

"Is it yours?" He asked all so quickly.

"No, its..its my sister." She clarified almost with a frown.

Sky found himself talking to the baby as to avoid his awkward moment with Josie.

"You, work here?" She winced as if he must be new.

"Yeap," Sky finally stood up with his hands in his back jean pockets as if there would be no way to offer a handshake. But he admitted who he was.

Josie looked rather sullen as if she were in a bad mood, but soon enough they let them into the break room where some of Dean's family was waiting. Sky squeezed in behind Josie and the baby.

There was Dean's Foster Mom and a few of the people Dean used to live with.

Of course, Asa, the assistant director made a speech about how Dean would be missed and how they all wished him well in the Army.

There was more talking and the baby got fussy. Sky got to her first and picked her up. She quieten down as if she was amazed with his hair and especially, the chest hair edging from his V-neck Tee.

Sky smiled. He hadn't felt this kind of warm happiness in a very long time.

"She kind of reminds me of my Mom's Chihuahua." He grinned. "I loved that dog." He promised, hoping Josie didn't think he was strange.

Josie looked up at him, speechless.

But they were handing out cake now. He sat down with the baby and a slice of ice cream cake. It seemed everyone was giving him room with the baby as everyone stood around with their cake, chatting. Honestly, he didn't know what he was doing juggling a baby and a slice of cake.

They got situated, as if the baby was in charge, before he knew it, the baby was into the cake.

"Is it all right? You know, for your sister to have cake?" Now Sky was a bit bewildered.

"I guess." Josie looked at him wide-eyed as if this was a first, and she didn't know what to do anymore than he did.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm loving Sky right now!


Sara Gerard said...

lol, what a cute moment! I love how they are so awkward around the baby, but want to be around her still. CAKE.

Beth said...

Well written!

ivy said...

Oh, they are sweet together. Especially, Sky and the baby.

Launna said...

Hi Ellie, I read all the entries in a row here... I really like the way you write.. I care about the characters, that means a good writer... have a great weekend :)