Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A new Chapter

The evolution of Dorian

"They're, bringing" Dorian looked at Ruben wide eyed when he heard the news that Ruben had a son.

Dorian was back from a full day of volunteering at the animal shelter. Of course, he needed a shower. He'd been licked and wallowed by several puppies. Actually, he found one, a collie lab mix, that he really wanted.

Of course, it was nothing like finding out about Abel. Suddenly, he felt as if his stomach was doing flip-flops. Dorian didn't know what to do first.

So many questions, Dorian wanted to ask Ruben, but he guessed it was a little too late. After all, Ruben was practically going crazy vacuuming, as if that would be the determining factor of keeping Abel.

"How old is he?" Dorian felt strange, ever so suddenly. As if this might be an out of body experience. They were getting a kid. And ..and Ruben was a Dad. Dorian couldn't help but wince.

"Not quite 5." Ruben went to put the vacuum away and wiped down the kitchen counter once more. He wasn't smiling, just his normal 'get this done' self.

"Well, did you? Even know about him?" Dorian squinted, wondering why Ruben would keep it a secret.

He shook his head, no.

"His mother isn't in the country." Ruben shrugged.

" just temporary?" Dorian wondered what that meant. Would Abe be here for a week..or longer?

"I guess. I dunno. His grandmother can't take care of him." Ruben bit his bottom lip, as if he possibly couldn't say it.... "She's..she died." He looked a bit pained about the ordeal. As if he were feeling what ever Abe was feeling, knowing this. "She's the only family, he ..he really knows. And..And..there were some papers, about me. So the case worker called me this morning. Said, they'd be here this evening." Abel was flying in from Chicago.

Dorian could see now, Ruben really wasn't ready for this.

"He never really knew his mother." Ruben was straight lipped.

The door bell rang.

Dorian wasn't sure what to expect, but there was Abel like a mini-Ruben. Dorian couldn't wait to hug him.

a new chapter


Launna said...

Now there is a twist and a test for their relationship... I hope they are strong enough as Abel will need to push them to prove he matters...children need that reassurance ;-)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm glad Dorian is lending a hand.


Sara Gerard said...

Lots to work though, I wonder if they will get that pup!

ivy said...

I'm excited for them, but it won't be easy.