Monday, June 2, 2014

Don't want crazy

Don't Want Crazy

Hutch was doing his best to get along with Kera, but each time they went out it wasn't what he wanted.

"I like being your friend," Hutch finally said. "You're.." Well, how could he put it without hurting her feelings. She was stubborn and definitely was not his type. "You're an interesting person." Although, he found her rather materialistic and maybe even living a double life.

She might have been amazing in customer service where she was full of nice phrases, but what he could see, there was a lot of hate too.

"Maybe, you need to go into something else." He said on their third date, which was at the old diner that Hutch liked. He felt certain she needed something upscale, downtown yet above the city.

Naturally, this brought out the worst in Kera who started nagging him about his own job. Her job was so much better. After all, he was just a clean up guy in a meat house. Wasn't that disgusting?

"But I take pride in it." Hutch just smiled. "I like the people I work with."

She rolled her eyes at this. While she went on and on about the work place and the conditions and everything else that went with it, Hutch could only think of one person.

He wanted to call Daisy so badly, but he promised he wouldn't. He'd let her go. He'd tried so hard not to be sad. Maybe that was why he was stuck with Kera, even if he hadn't done anything other than be her friend.

A little of him, felt as if he was trying to keep Kera from making a mistake.

He reminded her what could have happened with underage Gage. She was messing with jailbait.

"I think your job is making you reckless." He finally informed her. Of course, he'd grown up with reckless parents who were always making the wrong decisions. It was as if they'd forgotten what was important to them.

But then again, maybe this conversation was getting to Kera too. He knew he was making her furious. Next thing he knew she hit him with a hot baked potato, right in the chest.

That was a bit of a wake up call.

"OK, I know I deserved that." He paid for their dinner quick and got her out of the old diner before it was a major scene.

Still it felt weird holding on to her wrists as if she might break into a tantrum and pull his hair out. Just what was he doing with her?

This was not the relationship he asked for.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such a bizarre situation.


Launna said...

Oh my... some people say they want the truth but they really don't want it... it's difficult to know for sure :-D

ivy said...

Oh, I dunno, she might hurt him...physically.