Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Won't you tell me what you want

Won't you tell me what you want prt.1

Jonah had a feeling that he knew what Gilly was thinking. He hadn't asked. And Jonah didn't want to tell him that he hadn't made love to Magz yet.

"Don't you think, you, could spiff up your room some, with Magz living with you now?" Gilly asked if they needed anything.

"I think we're fine." She had her favorite pillow and all her clothes, but he guessed Gilly was right. It was Magz room too. "But..right." Jonah nodded. "Maybe we need to go shopping." They hadn't honeymooned due to Magz classes. She wanted to go full throttle and late summer they would take a trip to the states to see his parents. There was no rush.

"Do you, even know her favorite color?" Gilly asked.

Jonah rolled his eyes. Did he have to know the answer to everything? She'd said yes to be his wife. They enjoyed each other's company. But now that he thought about it, they'd never really done much together. Except talk. Watch the tube together and talk mostly about his writing.

He guessed it didn't exactly look like the perfect marriage, but she did make him smile. And he loved to see her smile.

Sleeping together? Well, it was OK, even if he stayed awake a good part of the night, waiting for her to go to sleep first.

"You do kiss? Right?" Gilly finally asked as they were setting the table for the evening meal while the girls were in the kitchen, preparing a one pot meal of cheesy noodles.

"Occasionally." Jonah shrugged. But even that could take so much out of him. Actually, it was rarely.

Won't you tell me what you want prt. 2

Zac felt a little funny going to his Dad's with Luna. It was so impromptu, but his Dad said he needed to be their at the reunion before his Dad's side of the family forgot what he looked liked. Yes, he did feel a little bad that it had been so long.

Still, there was his summer camp job to look forward too, near Chicago where his father lived. He felt a little sidetracked, but Luna was up for the trip and excited to meet his Dad. He wondered if she would think he was too much like his Dad.

His father Jesse was so hyper and always the life of the party. He was certain his dad would flirt with Luna.

"Honestly, I can just take so much of my dad." Zac hated to admit it, but it was true. He packed what was left to do before the trip. He kind of hated to leave Sawyer.

"But your Dad's a cop." Sawyer thought that was so cool.

"Detective." Zac clarified, knowing his Dad hoped he would become a cop.

"You know, you're excited." Sawyer gave him a slap on the back. Still Zac felt he really didn't have room for a band in his life anymore. He wanted to do something different. This was the summer to do it.


Launna said...

I wonder how many times we felt embarassed by our parents. Today I'd love to have both parents alive to talk to and ask questions... you miss that as you get older....:-/

ivy said...

Oh Jonah, a part of me thinks he wants to make Magz happy, but he just doesn't know what that is.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm excited for him!