Saturday, July 5, 2014

Catching Up

Catching Up prt.1

Mitch thought he could handle it.

Yes, he'd noticed a change in Derrick since graduation. Derrick wanted to party and Mitch couldn't bring Derrick down. After all, it was his right. He was a graduate. Still, it was underage drinking. Mitch, tried not to dwell on that fact.

Derrick got drunk at his brother's house. They'd had a graduation party for him, a few weeks ago. It had been good to go back to the old neighborhood. Mitch spent the night at his folks that night while Derrick  partied on. After all, Mitch wasn't much for alcohol.

He'd never liked the taste of beer, and Mitch definitely couldn't hack the hard stuff. Naturally, Derrick's brother gave Derrick Everclear.

Immediately, Mitch reminded Derrick about how potent the alcohol was. It was practically poison. Mitch hoped after Derrick's horrible hangover would be the end of it. But the wedding came. Alcohol was served. Derrick drank too much. He blacked out. He didn't recall how mean he'd been to Mitch.

Now it was all like a nightmare. Mitch supposed it was kind of silly now. They'd gotten in a shoving match and Derrick went off on him about how much he hated him. And swore there was something going on between Mitch and Sky.

Mitch gave up, after awhile. What ever he said to Derrick made Derrick bitter and agitated.

"YOU'RE THE WORST BOYFRIEND I EVER HAD." Derrick's haunting words carried over in Mitch's nightmares. By the Fourth, Mitch didn't want to go anywhere with him.

Catching Up prt. 2

Fish was certain of it, Shan was only faking it with his little sister Bree. They'd all came to Fish's family barbecue. Syreeta was there with Clive.

Fish knew Shan wasn't the only one adjusting. His Dad missed Sawyer. Clive just wasn't good enough for Syreeta, evidently. But there they all were, Bree was playing a game of croquet with Syreeta and Clive while Shan was watching his Dad smoke the T-bones very carefully. After all, Shan brought the meat for himself and Fish's Dad. Although, Fish's mom didn't want his dad eating red meat.

They'd fussed a bit over the menu. Somehow, Shan's smile prevailed. He'd won and definitely needed Fish's family, to the rescue, with Bree.

"I just don't know why you have to be so weird around your sister." Fish winced as they hit the strawberry short cake in the late afternoon before they got ready to go to the park for fireworks.

"I'm not being weird." Shan would not admit that he was quite horny and would have probably gone to the bathroom with Fish if he'd only hinted, if only to makeout.

"Oh, she knows you." Fish grinned. "You're not one for Sunday School." Here he was chatting up a Vacation Bible School coming up next week. He'd signed her up for it.

"Look, she'll be making crafts for 2 weeks..and I've got my afternoons with you." He smirked as if he was not going to have anymore to do with her than he had too.

"But, you do have to make time for her, you know." Fish was serious.

"What am I doing now?" Shan winced.

"You're with me. You, should be with her." He informed him.

Shan gave him a disgruntled look. He went back to his strawberry shortcake. After all, she was laughing about something funny Clive said.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Shan is lucky to have Fish in his life.


Anonymous said...

Things do not look for Mitch with Derrick.

deb said...

Derrick is showing some bad signs as a very abusive alcoholic.

ivy said...

Oh..I was hoping Shan was going to change...grow up. Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like if Derrick and Shan got together. I have a feeling they would really ruin each other.

Launna said...

Mitch needs to stand up for himself, he does not deserve to be treated like this by anyone...