Friday, August 22, 2014

brother to brother

Brother to Brother

It felt kind of weird being in his brother's upscale apartment looking over Manhattan. This was what big dreams were suppose to give you. The amazing life of living above everything. The view was breath-taking. Honestly, though, Alo didn't think he belonged here.

He didn't ever really know his brother, even if they grew up together. Alo felt closer to his half-brother Benj. They got together only a couple times a year.

"I saw her." His brother let a smile slip as he poured a stiff bourbon for Alo.

Alo looked at him as if he could only mean one girl. "What was Nora doing here?"

"It doesn't really matter now." His brother was cool about it. Still in a suit and tie.

Alo hesitated before he took a sip. Vada was seeing her parents now and this was his time to catch up with Lars.

"She hasn't really changed." Lars was certain of it.

Alo felt a little sad that he hadn't seen her, but honestly, he was satisfied with his life now. No longer restless about wanting to go for the one that didn't even know he existed. He was glad he met Vada even if it was an accident.

"That's good." Alo smiled ever so slightly.

" isn't." His brother's mood was a bit angst as he finished his drink. "She's suppose to be with me."

Alo felt sure that thought was fleeting. There were women in his brother's life. He bet he was even sweet on someone at work. His brother got around. Perhaps, that was the crux of his longing for Nora, to be the one who would always be true to her. His brother wouldn't have. He didn't know how.

"She went and got herself married, you know." His brother looked at him as if Nora must be mental.

"Wow." Alo managed above a breath. Perhaps the whiskey took his voice. But then again, maybe this was Scotch he was drinking. He wouldn't possibly know the difference. He didn't drink this kind of alcohol.


ivy said...

I'm glad Alo is not like his brother.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Alo needs to put down that drink.


Sara Gerard said...

Seems like a big shock to Aloe! I think that he needs to be careful drinking too!

Margaret Dallospedale said...

So cool
Maggie D.
The Indian Savage diary

Launna said...

Thankfully Alo is not like his brother... I hope Vada doesn't forget about him...