Sunday, August 24, 2014

I used to smother his pride

I used to smother his pride

Rossie was alone when she got the phone call from Derrick.

She wondered why she hadn't heard from him, but then she hadn't expected too. It was a shock. Especially, to know he'd been arrested.

"But, you should be calling your family." She didn't understand why he'd called her.

"I don't think they want to hear from me." His voice sounded so cold as he went on to say how he was stuck, down at County. No one was bailing him out. It sounded like the end, she supposed.

"Mitch isn't that hurt. For God sakes! he's home now." He sounded as if this was Mitch's fault, not his.

Rossie listened, thinking he could say the same thing about her, one day.

"But you don't remember?" She asked.

"I must have blacked out." Derrick sounded as if that was the usual. He was used to this sort of thing happening.

She gasped. Rossie could hardly speak. What was she going to say? He was a monster. He could be.

A part of her wanted to hang up, forget she ever knew him.

What had ever gotten into her to get involved with him, anyway? Anyone would tell her she was crazy.

"I'm sure you'll get through it. You'll manage."

Derrick wanted to talk more, but she couldn't listen. She couldn't listen anymore.


ivy said...

I think I would run if I were Rossie.

Launna said...

Derrick seems to have burned his bridges with everyone he knows... I think he should face the people he has hurt so that he can see what he does when he blacks out...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Derrick is really in a bad place right now. He has hurt far too many people.


Sara Gerard said...

Rossie is too compassionate sometimes. I think she is right in wanting to hang up on Derrick.