Friday, August 29, 2014

Just a little dinner

Just a Little Dinner

"He could get up to 10 years." It sounded more like the final Jeopardy answer to Mitch when he listened to Nico and  Sky talk in the kitchen about Derrick.

Nico was whipping up some of his famous spaghetti sauce with mushrooms and black olives. Sky was making a salad and watching the spaghetti boil.

"I doubt he gets that long." Nico summed it up. "It'll probably be tried in juvie and he'll get detention and some probation."

"Well, nobody in Josie's family is bailing him out." Sky informed his so called uncle, who looked more like an older brother to Mitch. "He'll probably have done his time before they ever get around to what ever it is they do sentence him."

Naturally, Sky sounded as if there was no justice. There would never be enough. But Sky changed his tune when he saw Mitch at the dining table.

"Hey, how you holding up?" He wanted to know as he sat down the big salad with cucumbers and tomatoes. Mitch only nodded with a sigh. Yes, his ribs still hurt and his right eye still felt rather tender, but he knew he could be worse.

About then, someone was at the door. Sky went to get it.

Josie stood there as if she wasn't so sure she should be here, but Sky showed her to the dining table and she took a seat across from Mitch.

Sky brought in warm bread.

"Make sure to save room for cake." Nico smiled as he grabbed Mitch's plate first to dish out the meal.

"He means cheese cake." Sky told them with a sigh. "When this guy gets in the kitchen, he just goes wild."

Soon enough everyone was enjoying the meal with meatballs.  Naturally, Sky joked with Nico about Gramp's meatballs.

Mitch looked at Josie wondering if she got their humor anymore than he did. Evidently, it was a private joke and Josie looked as if she really didn't want to know. Perhaps, it was a little naughty.

Mitch was glad Nico was here, but he knew he was Sky's family, and Mitch was pretty sure he shouldn't even consider Nico might be flirting with him. After all, Mitch wasn't sure if he'd ever want to date, again. Perhaps, it was best to keep to himself and hope he never had to face Derrick.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Nico shouldn't feel that way - he needs to move on.


Sara Gerard said...

How awkward :(

ivy said...

I like Nico. I think he might be good for Mitch. Its hard to say what will exactly happen to Derrick, though.

Launna said...

I hope Mitch gives Nico a chance but I understand being fearful of believing....

Anonymous said...

Oh, I so like Nico. I think he's protective of Mitch. Already. I want to know more about Nico.