Friday, August 8, 2014

Nothing too intentional

Nothing too Intentional

Mitch wondered if he still had his job. He felt as bad as his bruised face. Would he even want anyone to see him at work? Of course, he wasn't even home yet and his parents didn't even want him to go back there. It wasn't until now, that he felt so fragile. Maybe he should stay at his parents for awhile. He was contemplating it as he was doing his best to stay awake in the hospital bed.

"Do you think Sky is dating that girl?" Nico asked as he was taking his vitals.

"Josie? Um, I don't think so." Mitch barely opened an eye, but enough to watch Nico without it being to conspicuous.

"Figured as much." Nico's smile was sly.

"You, don't  think Sky worries about you, and who you date?" Mitch couldn't help but pester Nico a little. After all, he really was the bright spot of the day. Mitch didn't want to admit Nico was eye-candy, but perhaps Nico knew that, already.

"Never." Nico's grin was open. "He's just my nephew."

"You two seem more like brothers." Mitch told him.

"Do, we now? How would you know?" Nico squinted ever so cool as he was finishing up.

"I dunno." Mitch thought of the dream he had. Although, it was more of an out of body experience. How he could actually see the two to them talking out in the hallway. Besides, were there more serious matters to concern himself with. Like, Derrick.

Mitch wanted to forget him. He felt like a fool now. Why in the world had he had so much faith in someone who didn't even know how to be nice, to anyone.

Just then, Fish, Henry and Leo popped in with a bouquet of flowers and  a milkshake. It was a rather unexpected party.


Launna said...

I am glad that Mitch is finally understanding that Derrick is not good for him... I hope he moves on soon...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Cheers to unexpected parties!


Sara Gerard said...

So much love for him! I hope that he heels soon.