Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I know I should..I should care.

I know I should. I should care

Halie watched the last of Jax's things packed up in the truck. She hated to see a certain someone go off with Jax. Naturally, Archie was waiting for them at the Uni. He'd found them a place to live. One that allowed dogs.

It really felt like Jax might be in a relationship with Archie. The way he talked and laughed. But as soon as Dustin took off with Jax, Halie was almost in tears.

Now she thought of Jax and Dusty together. More than mates. It was sick, she knew. But it was in her head. They were touching now, and Jax was close and ..they were kissing.

She didn't like this feeling.

But it consumed her from time to time. Dustin was not hers. He was only a friend and it was good to have a laugh with him.

He sort of dated a girl he'd went to school with, but she was back at the Uni. What if he saw her? Usually, the girl had her head in a book, and she really wasn't a fitty. But it didn't matter. Still, Dustin might find something surprising with Di and well, that left Halie with sadness too.

He'd kissed Halie on the cheek before he left. They were mates. Just mates. It didn't feel like a satisfying hug, but that was all she was left with.

She hoped nothing happened to him. She prayed he would come back to her. Of course, it was something she could not talk of.

And then she saw Josie's face on her iPhone. She hated to answer, because she was crying.

"God, are you OK?" Josie asked immediately. "What happened?"

"Its nothing." Halie sucked in a breath, headed back into her mum's cottage. It was beginning to rain. "I'm fine. I swear." She sat down on the old couch and got comfy.

"Do you ever hear from Gage anymore?" She wanted to know.

"Gage?" It sounded like a foreign word she hadn't heard in so long. "How is he?"

"I dunno. Its..its hard to say." Josie sighed.

"What has he done this time?" Halie didn't smile about the father of her baby.  Honestly, she didn't want to think about him. As it was, he didn't take her calls. The e-mail he used no longer existed. He was practically a ghost these days.

"Oh, I shouldn't talk about it." Josie was even lipped as if it was best for Halie not to know.

"You, can tell me. I can take it." She pushed her lose strand of honey hair out of her face and back into her braid.

"He's..he is just being Gage." Josie was so sullen.

"I know who he is now. I'm not..in love with him." Her voice cracked. She so intended to be, but she knew she couldn't count on him. Not even from the start. He'd left her stranded. She felt like an idiot now. If only she could have waited for someone like Dustin. If only. But she was pretty sure she would have messed it up.

"He told his brother and..and his Dad that..that you lost the baby." Josie told her.

Halie couldn't help but stare into the screen with a squint sad face. She thought of the baby being lost in the deep blue ocean somewhere. Of course, the baby immediately reassure her where he was, exactly. Still kicking hard as footballer.

But then.

She squeezed a contraction. She squinted hard feeling herself shake inside. Halie sucked in a breath.

"What's the matter?" Josie wanted to know.

"Its nothing."  Halie gritted hard. She tried to get up but her legs buckled as if her body was about to come apart.

"Halie, you get your mother right now!" Josie commanded.

Halie didn't even know where her mum was. She was in the kitchen doing the laundry. Halie called for her. It looked like she was staying on the phone with Josie. She needed a friendly face to get her through this.


Launna said...

Omg Halie is having the baby... and Gage is a jerk... :)

I just noticed my name on your side bar, that is so very sweet of you, thank you Ellie <3

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Josie is really coming through as being a good friend - it's amazing how far she's come over the past year or so.

P.S. It's great to have you back blogging; you were missed last week!


Sara Gerard said...

uh oh! I hope she is okay! I like how much Josie has changed.