Thursday, September 11, 2014

Like any other day

Like any other day prt. 1

Angie was sure of it now. Sawyer was being a better boyfriend, and he wasn't fussing too much with Abel.

It was a lovely wedding. The weather was beautiful. No one would even know there had a been a storm a few days before.

Lena was beautiful. Tony was handsome. Yes, she was all smiles that day. Even her mother came to the wedding.

Angie really didn't want to talk to her because her mother was still with that boyfriend of hers. No way would she go home with her mother now. School started just a few weeks ago and she was really loving being a Sophomore.

Of course, she didn't try out for Cheer Squad nor any clubs. She was feeling her way along and Sawyer was there by her side. Just like now.

This was something she could never grow old of. Finally, she was happy. And it didn't feel like a nasty secret with Sawyer.

She would be staying with Ruben and Dorian while Lena and Tony honeymooned in Maine. It was going to be a good year. Angie could already feel it.

Like Any Other Day prt. 2

Shan felt helpless at the moment. His things were trapped in a house that he'd grown to trust and relax in. Now he was sleeping in Fish's room while Fish slept on the floor in a sleeping bag. His half-sister was staying in Syreeta's room.

"If I could just get Bree to her Mom's." He decided that would be a start. Then he would start looking for his own apartment. He couldn't live like this with Fish forever. He was beginning to think they might never have sex, again. And that made him so depressed.

"You know, she should be there in a school in New York City, already. What is up with my step-mom?" He sat  in his boxer covered up in Fish's old quilt in his little boy bed.

He had called his step-mom as soon as he knew Bree was OK from the tornado that ripped through the grocery store. Naturally, she was tied up with work. He didn't know exactly what she did, but she promised to be back in town soon. She'd even called Bree to talk to her about the ordeal.

And now nothing.

Shan thought his step-mom would be here by now.

Of course, he didn't check in with his Dad and his Dad didn't check in, either. He was aloof. Shan had no idea if he was even in town.

And his own mother didn't have much to say to him, either.

It was true, all he had was Fish and that was actually enough for him. The fact remained he needed a better job. He wished he had a degree by now. Yes, he wanted to grow up. He wanted to be on his own. For real.


Launna said...

Shan shouldn't be so quick to grow up... being adult is not all fun...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Sometimes even with a degree you can't find work. Shan should be happy to remain young for now!


Sara Gerard said...

It's like Blink-182 says, I guess this is growing up.

Ivy said... happy with the little things.