Sunday, September 28, 2014

little flutters

Little Flutters

Maybe there were certain moments that Vera lived for, for the day.

Well, she did like helping out Oliver at his bakery. Usually, she stayed at her post and he did his thing in the back. It was best not to scare him. What would he think if he caught her staring?

She always kept quiet for the most part, but she smiled and sometimes, she laughed. But not too loud.

Of course, there was always Zane. Sometimes, she was sure she was in a sweat by the time they finished there morning conversation. He was so breath-taking.

But she always focused on what he would buy and the weather and "How was your weekend?"

He seemed the happy sort even if he was divorced and only saw his son on weekends. But she'd gotten to know Sammie through him. She always asked about him and Zane looked even happier to talk about him. Sammie was in T-ball, but now soccer started up. She guessed it might be winding down soon. It sounded like he had high hopes for Sammie to make it in hockey.

This morning he got a couple of muffins. Something for his co-workers. He was always willing to try something new. She got his coffee to go.

Yes, for a span of three minutes it was the most wonderful time of day. And then he left.

"Well, I had no idea about this." Garvin smirked.

She didn't even know he was there, at Oliver's.

"What?" Vera looked startled.

"You, never told me about him?" Garvin wanted to know who he was.

"Its just Zane." She pressed her lips tight.

"Just Zane." Garvin chuckled. He put his order in for the short bread and a muffin too. He apologized then that he hadn't been around more.

"In fact, I should be moving out." He nodded. Garvin had a job at a Newspaper.

Vera stared at him a little stunned.

"So, you'll have the house all to yourself." Garvin grinned. "You, better invite Zane over."

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Launna said...

Vera is pretty transparent with her feelings about Zane.
. And Garvin seems to be using the opportunity to make fun of her..