Friday, September 26, 2014

thinking it over

Thinking it Over

"So what are you really going to do?" Ruben knew he always asked Garvin too many questions, but Garvin did say he would stay with Abel while he and Dorian took a trip to Iowa. They were looking at a house to buy. First they'd get married and then move to Iowa, but they would both work in Nebraska.

"Well, I spent the afternoon with Martha." Garvin couldn't stop talking about the tale of how he carried Martha to the emergency room like some Prince Charming. "She broke her ankle."

"That does not sound like a good start to anything." Ruben shook his head. Of course, he thought of Abel starting school and how Angie was so close by to be his sitter. He didn't want to mess this up for him. Taking this leap to live somewhere ..where gay marriage was legal.

"I know. I dunno what I'm doing, to tell you the truth." Garvin shrugged.

"Oh, you haven't changed at all." Ruben smirked. He looked over to see Abe on the iPad.

"Remember, I want you to draw me at least 3 pictures, while we're out." He told Abel and then looked back at  Garvin. "You can't let him play on it, more than 30 minutes." Of course, they let him play longer, even if Ruben hated that he let Abel have his way. He was too hard to say NO too.

Garvin saluted him as if he was on it.

"OK, how many dragons have, you, trained this time?" Garvin went to check out Abel's game.

Dorian had everything packed.

"Maybe we can go apple picking." Dorian was ready to go. Of course, he went to give Abe a kiss on the head.

Abe reminded them both he wanted apple pie with carmel on top.

"We'll pick apples and then you and Dorian can make a pie at home." Ruben reminded him it was best to make their own.

"But.." Abel's little frown always got to Ruben.

"We'll see.." Ruben sighed hoping Dorian talked him out of it. Just like he wanted to talk Dorian into only getting married in Iowa, but still live here. At least for a few more years.

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Launna said...

I hope Ruben can talk Dorian into staying so that it doesn't upset Abel's life...

You have the most interesting characters xox