Thursday, October 16, 2014

in the cross fire

caught in the cross-fire

Josie wasn't sure what she walked in on, but everyone was so quiet. She imagined the worst, and here she was with two cups of hot steaming coffee.

"Is everything, all right?" She looked to Nico who turned away, blowing a breath and walked down the corridor.

Sky only stared at her as if he was really bitter about something. He hugged himself hard.

"Oh, hi." The woman looked at Josie, managing a withered smile. "Are you a...friend..of Sky's?"

Josie nodded.

She took the coffee from Josie as if it was hers not Sky's.

"How do you know my son?" She wanted to know.

"Uh.." Josie didn't know where to begin as she looked at Sky as if he was not in the mood to explain. "I..I met him at the library."

"I see." Finally she introduced herself. "My name's Rebecca." She held out a hand and gave her a steady handshake.

"Josie." She awkwardly nodded, thinking she should just drink her coffee and be quiet. "How''s his grandpa?"

"Oh? Jack? I dunno." She shrugged. "He's really too young to have a stroke, you know. I mean, he's not that old." She shook her head. "Does his wife know?" She winced.

Josie shrugged and looked back at Sky who looked at his mother as if she was asking too many questions.

"I bet she's in Florida." Rebecca hugged herself. "Probably with her son Draco." She was somber in thought. "He's got a headshop, you know, on the beach. His wife left him with a four year old daughter. She loves that granddaughter of hers." She said ever so dull as if she really wasn't a part of this family and yet knew every move they made. She got on her cell then to make a call.

"Sky," Josie finally reached out for him, handing him her coffee. "Are you sure, OK?"

She looked into his eyes, and knew he couldn't lie to her, even if he wanted, too.


Launna said...

This is a lot for Sky to take in, I am glad he has Josie and his friends ...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Sky is lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people.


Ivy said...

His mom is something else.