Monday, October 13, 2014

Lucky Monday the 13th

Lucky Monday the 13th

"Today is your lucky day, kid." The man's voice had such a growl to it. Derrick wasn't so sure he could trust it.

"What do you mean?" He was definitely tired of orange jump suits, Zane Grey novels and old men eyeing him over.

"We're sending you to the grocery store." The balding man grinned. Derrick only winced wondering what that meant.

It wasn't long until Derrick was ready to go. No handcuffs. He didn't ask questions. And he wasn't alone for the ride.

Soon enough, he noticed places he knew. His neighborhood, back into old towne.

"Its still a correctional facility." Some kid said, who looked more like a girl than a boy, told him on the way over. They were no longer at county.

He/She had a broken arm. Scratches were like tattoos on her/his arms and shoulders. Derrick guessed he was to refer to Jamie as a guy. Not a girl. He guessed that was why Jamie was being moved. He'd heard some fighting going on, but he hadn't paid much attention to it. The key was to stay to himself and wait for his outcome.

"It used to be a grocery store." Jamie squinted a smile. Derrick could tell Jaime didn't feel well. Actually, Derrick felt sad for him. And then it started to hit him that he felt sad for Mitch. All the things he'd said to him came rushing back like a waterfall of emotions, and Derrick's eyes slightly watered.

But he sucked it up. He knew he wasn't harden like some. Like Jamie. Who really looked so beaten down and uncared for.

Bitter flem stuck in Derrick's throat. Yes, he'd had to stick with Jamie. He didn't want to see Jamie hurt, again.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such sad souls. :(


Sara Gerard said...

I like that he wants to stick by Jamie!

Ivy said...

Oh so interesting developments.

Launna said...

I hope Derrick sticks with Jamie... they both need somebody ;-)