Saturday, October 18, 2014



"I just wish, you, could have brought the baby."  Derrick looked grateful that Max was here at the home for a visit.

 Derrick was in normal clothes, even if he did wear an ankle bracelet. Still, there was something sluggish about him. Not at all the hyper Derrick that Max remembered.

" know..I ..I just couldn't." No way would Daisy go for that. Besides, Max didn't want to ask her. He needed to see his brother for himself. "I..I should have been here, sooner, know with Mandy and all..and now the cafe." Of course, he didn't run the cafe, exactly, but he did just about everything they needed for him to do, when he wasn't at the grocery store.

"Are you, still in school?" Derrick wanted to know.

"Some of the time, a couple hours in the morning." He didn't have to go fulltime anymore, yet he felt his life kept going and going.

"But..what about Daisy?" Derrick wanted to know.

"She's..she graduated." Max sighed, knowing that she didn't really feel like it, even if they'd gone midsummer to the high school to pick up her diploma.

"Great..but..but what ..about..the two of you?" Derrick wanted to know if they were still together.

"We're fine." Max was even lipped. Honestly, they were too busy to think much about it. But they were together. More together than he actually thought possible. He wouldn't question it.

"I just" Derrick shrugged as if he might lose it, but then again maybe he was medicated enough, that he wouldn't feel much, in his attempt to apologize. "God, where in the hell did the summer go?" He smiled. "I mean, I thought..I had it together. Had a job. I was having a great summer, you know." Then he looked sad, once again. "I just wish..I could see Mitch, you know. Talk this out. Its like I'm..missing..something." He winced hard.

"You know, you hurt him, don't you?" Max squinted as if he remembered how brutal Mitch was beaten. "He was in the hospital. He had surgery."

"Yeah, I know. They told me. Its just..I don't remember any of it." The way he said it, as if it really didn't happen, after all.

"God, I miss my job. How's everybody at the grocery store?" Derrick asked with a smile as if those were the times he wanted to remember. "Is Gage still there? How about Holden? People still think we look alike?"

"They're still there." Max told him. Life was going on without Derrick.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Life goes on, people change...I hope Derrick finally understands that.


Ivy said...

I hoped Derrick's figured it out.

Launna said...

Derrick should look at this for what it is... a learning experience and hopefully he grows up...