Saturday, November 1, 2014

Little known facts

Little Known Facts

Bree didn't know what to think anymore. Oh, she wanted to be in love. She wanted to be like any other girl here age. But it wasn't possible. Especially, with everything that suddenly felt a wreck. But then again, she felt as if she'd been in the middle of a mess for some time now. Her father's highs and lows. And then he went to jail.

Bree always thought everything would be OK. No matter what. And then she felt no matter when her mom was gone. When they told her. She couldn't even think who it was now. It must have been Shan.

She shut her eyes tight hoping not to think it. Not to breathe it. There were certain words she did not want to hear. Even now.

She felt strange living at Fish's with her step-brother Shan. She'd asked him more than once if he were her guardian now. Of course, he told her, that wasn't possible.

There was this doom growing more fierce everyday, they'd have to move in with their father, who was still in a halfway house. At least, Shan said he wouldn't let her be alone with their Dad. If it came to that. Shan vowed he wouldn't let that happen.

Unfortunately, he wasn't nearly as brotherly as his boyfriend. Who always wanted to know how Bree was doing. If she was OK. She guessed she was OK, but she really wasn't.

And then Shan announced a week or so ago, they were going to move in with his mother.  Bree thought she was the enemy. Bree's mother never had a nice thing to say about Shan's mom. After all, Bree's mother always thought Shan's mother, Ting had ruined Bree's father. Now they wanted her to go live with her.

But not just yet. They weren't going to pull Bree out of school. They wanted this to be a good transition. She'd still see her friends, everyday. And Bree guessed Shan's mom thought it would be best if maybe some of her father's family were there. It might look better on paper.

This Uncle Roy that Bree had never heard of, lived in South Dakota. He was going to move in. Her father's brother. It all sounded like a fake reality show to her.

At least there, was church and Essie.

She spent Halloween at the Harvest party. Of course, Essie was off with the new minister. Carson was home studying for a test. But it was a Friday night.

Of course, she'd made crafts that night and tried her best not to think of a new home. She wouldn't think of Cody, either. She knew his friend disliked her. She could sense it. They thought she was too young. Maybe she was, but they were only friends.

Bree did her best to focus on cleaning up. But she needed Essie's help. After all, she knew where to put certain things away in this place.

Bree went into the silent chapel. It was quiet. Even the plush blue carpet sounded quiet when she walked into the space. It was a place of tranquility. But she noticed someone in the back  pew. Their head bowed. She hadn't meant to interrupt, yet it was too late. He looked back to see her holding rolls of tissue that were not used for the craft.

He stared at her as if he was in the wrong place. Not her.

"Sorry." She found herself apologizing.

"No..its OK." He told her. "I was only praying." His confession was sad yet provoking. She wondered what a guy like him could be praying about. He didn't look like he was homeless.

"Haven't, I seen you around before?" She thought she'd seen him at a youth group activity when school started. She wasn't actually invited to those, but she was there because Essie was there.

"I dunno. I don't come here, all the time." He pressed his lips tight as if he was the world's worst sinner, and she better leave if she knew what was best for her.

Bree only nodded, feeling like the little girl she was with this bulky mess in her arms.

"What were they doing?" He asked as she was about to dump this load somewhere and call it a night.

"What?" She turned back.

"You know, rolls of toilet paper?" He kind of smiled.

"Making a mummy." She sighed.

"Seriously?" He looked at her as if he had no idea what kind of church this really was. He went to help her with all the toilet paper then. "My name's Connor."

She let her name slip too. He knew where the janitor kept stuff like this. Just then she heard laughter. It was Essie down the corrider with the new preacher.


Launna said...

I think Bree needs something stable... she has been uprooted quite a bit from everything I read...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

'Tis the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Maybe...


ellie said...

I hope.

Ivy said...

Oh, I think they would be good for each other.