Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cold as ice

As Cold as Ice prt.1

Henry made an outfit to show off. Guess who was wearing it?

"Guess?" Henry was all grins, but no one really had an answer for him.

Yes, there were looks, but not too strange.

"Why aren't you with Leo?" Someone asked him.

Henry laughed until he could hardly breath. He was ecstatic. Of course, he did want to explain the dress, but why bother when it was all so over their heads.

He looped his arm around his date's arm and went on with this affair as if he really pulled the fabric and then some over their eyes.

"I dunno..if this was a good idea." Leo squinted. Who was not laughing. He was serious and kept staring down at his high heels. He kept saying the shoes were too big. Weren't people noticing. As it was, he was towering over Henry. All Henry had on his mind was how the gown was stitched and would it hold up.

"Sure it is. You, want to start a modeling career, don't you?" Henry gritted with a smile.

Leo rolled his eyes. Henry just let them keep guessing as he guided the reluctant drag queen.

Cold as Ice prt.2

Leo was not comfortable at all, about this whole ordeal. He hadn't even called that guy about modeling. It was probably not a real deal, anyway. Even so, he was probably too late to make up his mind. Actually, he felt too fat in this shiny gown.

What if he fell in these heels? Oh, he was sure he couldn't breath. Was he a fool or what?

"Stop it." Henry winced. "You, look great."

Leo didn't think so. Henry just didn't get it.

It would be different if this was something he was in love doing. If only he had such a passion like Henry.

But there they were under the glittery disco ball.

Leo couldn't smile. Actually, he was frowning. He hoped Henry was OK. He never talked about auras anymore. He didn't talk about his Eplipsy like he used too. Still, Leo wondered sometimes when Henry would space if something else was going on.

But Henry was quick to say he was fine. Everything was fine. They were fine.

Of course, they were never going to talk about Chandler, again. Had Leo really let that go?

He did want Henry to be happy. So they danced. Only, Leo wasn't certain if Henry was dancing or not.

Cold and ice prt.3

Clive spotted Syreeta with her date. He couldn't take his eyes off her. It hurt that she'd dumped him. But it was more of a slow burn now.

For awhile, he avoided her at all cost. He wasn't sure what might happen if he saw her. As it was he was leaning against the gym wall with Slater. They'd been sort of friends since elementary. But Slater got into karate and well... Clive just wasn't the competitive type. He wasn't so sure why Slater was hanging out with him.

"So are you going to dance?" Slater looked at him.

"Not with you?" Clive gave him the eye after he noticed Chandler and some dude head for the dance floor.

"You're just a real comedian, you know that?" Slater smirked.

"There is nobody to dance with." Clive crossed his arms.

Evidently, Cody got lucky with Ruby or so Clive imagined. Even Jen was here with a girl. He almost made a face. He should have seen that coming.  Clive sighed.

"This blows."

"Totally." Slater agreed, but he didn't drink and he didn't smoke. Where were all the real cool kids when Clive needed them?

"I just want to be in love, man." Clive finally admitted.

Slater only shook his head. "You're worse off than I thought."

They stood in silence and watched the parade go by. Sure there were girls standing on the other side, going solo too. They weren't quite as bedazzled as those who had dates. And yes, there were even the fat girls.

Next thing he knew, there was Slater making his way toward the fattest of all.

"What the..." Clive squinted hard. Just what sort of game was Slater playing?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm not sure what I think of Slater just now. :/


Ivy said...

I'm seriously feeling this might be the end of Leo and Henry. I think Henry loves himself the most.

ellie said...

There might have been more to set than what I wrote. (the first set) Basically the "stop fangirling" is Henry who is fan girling in his own self world of what he wants with designing I wanted to put in people that he wishes were seeing his dress..or just seeing him..not Leo. Oh and the Angel..I cam across yesterday while listening to a song ..that's Bob Sinclar some DJ who mostly does shows in Paris. Evidently. I guess this is a picture of him when he was first starting out.

Launna said...

I think Henry and Leo have issues they have to talk about...

I', not thinking a whole lot about Slater at the moment...