Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Little snowflakes

little snowflakes

Did it really feel like Christmas? The snow that fell was so dry. There wasn't much to shovel out on the drive way.

Leo felt numb. He knew he should say something to Henry. But how could he explain what he knew? He was an idiot. Maybe he was hiding just as many secrets as Henry. Still, being a model, incognito as a female, would be totally ridiculous. He was not a drag queen.

His Mom already had the Christmas tree up. It went up on Thanksgiving night when they got home from his grandparents. Of course, she kept going on about what would she do next year about this time. He probably wouldn't be around to help her put up the fake tree.

He hadn't said much then and she'd asked him what was going on. He told her nothing. And maybe then it wasn't, but now it was. Henry kissed someone.

He went to put the shovel away. While he was in the garage, Henry pulled up in his Mom's car.

"I thought, you weren't suppose to drive." Leo didn't mean to bark, but it was a fact. Henry needed to remember the rules of being an epileptic.

"Yeah, I know..but..but it was an emergency." Henry got out in his black paraka and furry hat as if it was below zero. Snow was dancing about, but not really sticking.

Leo couldn't help to be in a pout, but before he knew it, Henry kissed him as if that was what he'd forgot to do.

"I'm sorry." Henry said.

Still Leo looked at him as if he better fess up.

"I did something. I should have told, you, right away. I dunno..why..why..I'm..like this. Its not what you think. Its not." Henry hugged himself as if he wouldn't dare let himself go inside. They needed to talk. Outside

"I know what you did."

"You do?" Now Henry sounded scared.

"I saw you with Chandler at the library." Leo told him.

Henry stood there with his eyes wide open, bewildered perhaps.

"How? Where were you?" Henry winced.

"I was in disguise." He told him.


Leo nodded.

"Well..I'm really not seeing Chandler. Its just..I don't know what I can tell him. I just..want you to tell him." Henry hugged himself more.

"Me?" Leo looked at him serious. This was not his problem. He sighed.

"We'll do it together." Henry nursed his bottom lip.

"All right." Leo sighed as if he guessed he could be there for the whole conversation. He really didn't want Henry to be accidentally kissing Chandler, again.

"So..so what kind of disguise ..are you talking about?" Henry wanted to know.

"It was stupid. Totally stupid." He was certain he'd never dress up as a girl, again. He told Henry about the time Essie dressed him up and now how he was going to prank Henry. "But, you, didn't even notice me."

"You, were that good, huh?" Henry practically snickered.

"I dunno." Leo shrugged.

"Well, I want to see this." Henry acted as if Leo was keeping a whole other life from him.

"I'm not sure." Leo shook his head, no, but he knew with that gaze of Henry's, he would give in.


Launna said...

This was cute... Henry is funny... I hope he doesn't mess up and disappoint Leo again :)

Kristine said...

huh?! didn't see all the confessions happening this quickly lol seemed like they both said what they wanted to and now ..... let's move on. I wonder if Leo will show Henry his drag and maybe Henry will like it and then whamo a new angle on this relationship. hmmm very interesting possibilities. What do you have up your sleeve Miss Ellie?

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Curious to see Henry's true reaction. :/


Sara Gerard said...

Well I am glad that they talked. I hope talking with Chandler goes well.