Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Here we are

Here we are prt 1

"You, wouldn't have given him..a second would you? If..if you'd known?" Lena looked at Martha as if she thought she knew her, until now.

In fact, she and Martha were so close, like real sisters. She was helping her to decide on her wedding. Where it would be, all the little details.  At the moment though, Martha was in her kitchen peeling potatoes for a soup that Lena was making.

"No." Martha practically wailed about Garvin's saga. "Its just..I had no idea..he'd be..... practically a widow."

"So what does this mean?" Lena tilted her head trying to figure out what Martha was getting at.

"Don't you know? Someone? Anyone..he" Martha bit into a potato then while Lena turned back to the stew that was almost bubbling. She stirred the tomato based broth.

"No. I don't know anyone." Lena stated the fact. Even if she did, she didn't know if it would be a good idea. "I'm sure he's doing OK." Lena shrugged. She only sort of knew Ruben's brother. Funny, how she felt of Ruben and Dorian more like family than just friends. Perhaps, it was all Angie and Abel's fault. But she was glad they knew each other. It was just, she didn't know if she had any more room in her life for another. Especially, when she'd just found out she was pregnant, but she swore her husband to secrecy. No one was to know until after the third month.

Here We Are prt.2

Jama had put up with this long enough with her cousin Marnie, Dustin's mum and what was up with Dustin and his dad.

"Well?" Jama knew they weren't nearly as close as they used to be. Yes, she'd been a private person, as well as Marnie. Still folks always thought they were sisters. Jama figured it was about time to be one to her. "Are you all right..about all this with Dusty?"

As of yet, Dustin was still at home. He hadn't upped and left her.

"Why shouldn't I be?" Naturally, Marnie wanted more than a cup of tea. Marnie went right to the expensive stuff under the bar.

"I entirely doubt that." Jama gave her the eye.

"What's to tell? So Dusty has a brother, Felix." Marnie glared back as if Jama could very well be in her shoes, but she wasn't. Jama was happy with her husband and their little family.

Jama swelled a frown. She didn't want to hit a nerve with Marnie.

"Do you think he'll get to know his father then?" Jama could barely say the words. It made her slightly dizzy or maybe it was the whiskey in the tea, but Marnie took to it like a remedy she was in need of.

"Suppose." Marnie managed a shrug as if she didn't care. "It looks that way." Only, it hadn't happened yet. The boy kept putting it off.

"And what do you make of this Felix?" Jama wanted to know.

"What? What do I have to make anything of him!" Marnie bit back as if Jama had tampered with the wrong question.

Jama winced hard.  She crossed her arms and gave her cousin a hard look. "Do I have something to worry about. You with ..this Felix?"

Marnie returned a scowl.  Jama shook her head. Could Marnie possibly be hooking up with Felix?.


Launna said...

Interesting that Martha wants to find someone for Garvin... I wonder if she could really handle if he was dating someone she knew..

ellie said...

That is a very interesting question. Indeed.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Felix is definitely a sensitive subject.


SuperLux said...

The plot is exciting. The what if's.

Sara Gerard said...

Whoa, there are a lot of secrets floating around!