Sunday, January 4, 2015

It isn't easy being green

it isn't easy being green

It was the best and the worst of the holidays.

Jax wouldn't let himself drift into the horrible moment when he brought Bash to his sister's.

Seriously, it was so unexpected.

She was so annoyed with him. What had become of him? She gathered her little ones and put them in the den. How dare he hold hands with a boy.

Jax was stunned. He didn't know what to expect now. Of course, he got an earful from his Mum and then his Dad.  They called him Christmas day to bicker. Two people who hadn't spoken to each other in years, now had something to talk about. His love life.

So when Rufus called, all Jax could yelp was a mournful, "What?"

"We haven't seen you in ages. We missed you for Christmas and the New Year's too." Rufus told him they should have a party.

"Well.." Jax looked at Bash cutting up the left over veg to freeze. Bash never let anything go to waste. "I dunno. I'm busy, you know." He just needed a little peace. Not someone to tell him how to lead his life.

"I can't see that. You, busy? Whats wrong with you?" Rufus sly laughter got to Jax.

"Um," Jax shut his eyes tight as if this wouldn't be easy to say. Especially, with Bash looking over his shoulder. "Well..see..I got me self ..a..a boyfriend now." He could hardly hear himself think as he let the words surface. He could see it very clearly. Another one, biting the dust.

"Oh, so I guess you have been busy, have you then?" Rufus was his usual witty self.

"Yeah." Jax felt himself smile.

"Well, he's welcome, too, you know." Rufus told him.

Jax chuckled. He did know who his real mates were, after all.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

At least Rufus is understanding - Jax should definitely make time to hang with him!


Launna said...

Thankfully Jax has Rufus who is not judging him... people need to judge less and love more xox