Friday, January 16, 2015

its hardly magic

It's hardly magic

Macy thought she knew what she was doing. Especially, in art class.

She would make Gage her subject and draw a picture of him from memory.  Funny, how her head thought of one thing and her hands another.

Oddly, she didn't focus on Gage a bit. No, those were not his lips. Definitely, not his long locks.

She was horrified when she knew what she'd done. It was unbearable to see it unfold. But there it was on her drawing pad. A picture of Dusty.

"Well, do you dream about him?" Chandler wanted to know.

"Of course, not." She scowled as she kept staring at her disaster.

"Really?" He looked at her as if he found that hard to believe.

"I don't." She was in a pout. Really, Gage was more than affectionate enough, lately. He was like hugging a human teddy bear in the depths of winter. He really wasn't grizzly. No. No more questions about her mystery man. Instead, he was so kind and definitely very giving.

"So..if you don't mind me asking, what have you and Gage really been up too?" Chandler asked as if he could evaluate this thoroughly if he knew all the details.

Macy made a face of disgust. "I'm not asking about what you do with Oz. I certainly wouldn't tell you anything about Gage and me!"

"Funny, you mentioned Oz." Chandler smiled as if he had a lot to tell her. " have changed Macy. You have."

"What?" She winced harder. "I have not." That sounded crazy.

"You're hair isn't even blond anymore."

"That's just winter." She swelled a frown. But it was true, being with Gage had changed her. Still, she'd just drawn a picture of Dusty. "Could you PLEASE take it. I don't want to see it."

"But, you'll get a zero." Chandler reminded her. Macy shook her head. What would Gage think if he saw it?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Change isn't always the worst thing.


ivy said...

Oh..very interesting.

Sara Gerard said...

Hrrmmm. maybe this means something?