Sunday, January 18, 2015

We aren't looking for a new game

We aren't looking for a new game

"Well...I just don't like what people are saying at school." There, Oz finally said it, and he was in Chandler's room. And there was this massive art piece on his bed. He looked at Chandler. "This is new."

Just one more thing Oz needed to ponder over. Was Chandler drawing guys now?

It seemed everyone still thought Chandler was with Henry. Well, in their circle. Oz knew a lot of people at school didn't really care, But there was talk. What was going on? He'd spent Christmas eve and New Years with Chandler.

Sure, they were at Oz's. Never here. Still, they were together. Perhaps, not as romantic as most couples' holidays would go. After all, they were new at this and yes, there were awkward patterns, to get comfortable.

Oz needed to confess, Chandler could be clingy and Oz wasn't so used to that, even if he sort of wanted to be.

"Its not mine." Chandler when to scoot it into the back of his closet.

"You, don't want to hang it?"

"I dunno." Chandler shrugged. It seemed the purpose at the moment was to free the bed of that huge thing.

Oz watched him pull the closet door shut as if the eyes on the picture might watch their awkward moves.

Next thing he knew, Chandler set on the bed with a bit of a bounce.

Oz wasn't quite sure what to do as he watched.

Sure, they'd kiss. Actually, their noses found each other first. Oz was certain it must have looked pathetic from the get go. Although, they'd been in Oz's livingroom then. They'd been watching Its a Wonderful Life. Sitting on the couch. Chandler's arm stretched out on the top of the sofa. And then their noses rammed into each other.

Oz thought he broke his nose or maybe Chandler's.

"You know, I never thought you were adorable until that moment." Chandler said now with his head tilted.

Oz touched his own lips with his index finger then. They were a tad chapped. Lord knows, how bad they'd be before they were finished. Among other things.

It was true, Chandler wanted to fly ahead like a vulture, ready to attack his prey.

"You know, Henry's saying-"

"I don't really give a f----" He grinned.

It was the simple truth. Chandler did want to be with Oz.

Oz slowly set down on the bed, and up came Chandler's hand to mess with Oz's sunny hair. Perhaps, Chandler didn't like all the manly men, after all.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Oz doesn't get his heart broken.


Launna said...

Chandler needs to figure out what he wants... I don't want to see him hurt others, in the long run he will hurt himself...