Wednesday, February 11, 2015

home at last

Home at last

They were finally here.

Grayson guessed they could do this. He and Nora were on their own.

His parents discussed the fact that Nora was his wife, and he should take care of her, but his parents would take care of the car insurance. And then came the battle of which vehicle would they take. His truck ended up pulling her old car because he knew for certain it wouldn't make the drive any other way.

So they had a plan. It was great that Nora jumped started it. Well, sort of. She did navigate a lot on her iPhone.

They would be getting family housing in a couple of weeks. Until then, they'd be in temporary housing near the base.

"I can't tell you, how many nightmares I've had about the places we'd go." Nora informed him as they made their way to the motel that would take them in, until housing was ready.

"Does it look like a nightmare?" He smiled. It looked new enough. Decent and family friendly.

"Not yet." She did say there could be horrible children or a mad dog.

"Seriously?" He didn't see any of that happening. "Do you'd just stayed, with my parents?"

"No. Of course not." She smiled as he parked his truck, where they could get her car off the trailer. He looked to see they were upstairs so they headed to the second floor of the wrap around porch. "Its know, we've never been this alone before."

"Well, its about time." He held her hand as if they might be going on a vacation of some kind. Even if his body was sore from sitting so long on their drive to the wet west coast. "You know, we're close to Twilight Vampire territory." He teased as he lifted her up while he unlocked the door.

"Oh, please." She laughed softly as he carried her over the threshold. They kissed as if they'd won their very own lottery.

Of course, the place was no more than a motel room with a microwave oven, a coffee maker and a little fridge. But they were on their own, and Gray did want to spend as much time as he could with Nora before he headed back to sea.

He hoped she was OK.

Her kiss was eager as they bounced on the bed together.

"Well, the bed's good." His first observation he made while he pushed his shoes off with his toes, but like a good husband he took off the winter boots she'd came in. He supposed she'd need a new wardrobe, being in a different part of the world, that wasn't quite as cold as the one they came from.

Nora was still smiling, even giggling when he got back to her. They kissed as she fumbled with his flannel shirt. Of course, there was a tee-shirt under it.

"You, have way too many clothes on." She breathed.

"We might get cold if we take too many clothes off." He kissed her right back.

"No, we won't." He felt her smile with each kiss. It didn't take long to get out of everything. Then it really hit home. They were frigid. They made a dash under the covers.

"I've always wanted to see what its like to have no clothes on... in bed..all night."

She was shivering.

"We'll find out, if you'll just turn on the heater." Her teeth almost chattered.

"Me?" He laughed.

"Yes, you."

"We'll be OK." It was getting warmer by the second. Magic perhaps. He wasn't going to turn on the heater.. just yet.


Launna said...

Awe this is cute... I hope they are happy.. this will show them how they really care about each other... xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

They're so adorable together!


Sara Gerard said...

So cute! Lots of new adventures for them :)