Thursday, February 26, 2015

out of the blue

Out of the Blue

Sky claimed he was OK. He was fine. He was driving, after all. Never thought that would happen. Really, all was good. Or was it?

Yes, there were the nightmares. Especially, about Josie.

Some nights, she was blonde. But other times a redhead. Always a femme fetal. Yes, he'd awake in a panicky sweat, thinking she would be the death of him. He really didn't like the idea of that.

After all, she was sweet Josie, who always listened to him. Except, he didn't tell her about the dreams and how angry he thought she must be.

Possibly, because of him.

"You, should really got to England this summer, see that friend of yours." He'd brought it up more than once.

"You mean, Halie?" She looked at him as if he'd really lost it. "There is no way, I could even go." She shook her head.

"What if ..I helped?" Sky did have a savings account. "Look, if we got you the ticket now, it would be so much easier, you know. It is doable. Besides, you're graduating high need a senior trip of some kind." He talked more about her traveling, as she served him a black coffee at the Campus Coffee shop.

She looked uneasy about it, as if it were a bad idea.

"Come on." Sky pressed his best broad smile. "You know, you've been dreaming of it. You have. and you do deserve it."

"I dunno." She looked worried with those big eyes of hers.

"Its just..I've put you through know. I'd like you to see your closest friend."

"But..she's not my closest friend." Josie looked ever so sour. "You're my closest friend."

Sky looked at her blankly. He did want it to be true, but he felt as if she might really hate him if she stayed here.


Launna said...

Oh... Sky has to give Josie a chance... and stop pushing her away...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Sky would just take a chance on Josie for once.


Ann said...

Sky should just tell her everything he feels.

SuperLux said...

What is Sky so afraid and skeptical of?

ivy said...

Maybe it wasn't a good idea for Sky to stop his meds, after all.