Tuesday, March 24, 2015

as by chance it happened

as by chance it happened

"Oh..this is so bad." Halie couldn't think what else to say to her dear friend Josie. It was so unexpected.

"Its OK." Josie sounded as if she might be better off without Sky.

"But..you cared about him so much." Sometimes, Halie envied that. She'd always thought Josie and Sky had the perfect relationship.

"I know. I..I still do. But I think its time..we..we..went our separate ways." Josie told her in their Facetime talk on her iPad.

"You know, Archie broke up with that girl ..from Australia." Halie sighed as if she had something to report. Actually, it wasn't much.


"Yeah, we actually got their bed." Halie didn't know if Josie would be interested in the bed story. Her and Dustin's saga for the perfect night of sleep. "You see, we'd found a huge bed on sale at this only furniture shop around, but it wouldn't even fit through the door." Honestly, her mum lived in an ancient cottage. It was all so dreadful. "Then Rufus mentioned it to Jax, when he called and next thing you know, Jax and Bash are here with Archie and Iggy's bed. Its only regular, but better than what we had."

"I hope things are going OK."

"Oh, yeah, we got this topper from his Mum and then we've been getting together with her and the Frenchie, supper, you know." Halie sighed as if that was about as exciting as it got these days.

"How's Archie?" Josie asked.

"Fine, I guess." Halie shrugged, wondering why Josie would want to know. "You'll have to meet him, when you come." Suddenly, she'd never thought of herself being a matchmaker, but what if that worked out? Josie and Archie? Who would have thunk it?


Launna said...

I think Josie needs to be single for a awhile... she shouldn't rush into a relationship...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Josie really needs a bit of time to get to know herself before she rushes into a new relationship.


Lux Ganzon said...

Josie and I need to talk. :P