Thursday, March 26, 2015

its in the air

The arrival of Veronica

Jax was doing his best not to over-react, but of course, Archie was a bump on a log, lately. All listless and not a thought of his own.

Jax wanted to shake him.

"Well, he has to get through this." Bash on the other hand was all casual and even answering phone calls.

"Its not the flu." Jax crossed his arms while Bash made brownies. He was beginning to wonder if Bash made those special brownies for just about any occasion. As if that would bring Archie out of this funk.

"Yeah, I get that." Bash's little scowl was about to bug Jax. "Maybe putting him in that little princess bed of his sis's was a bad idea."

Now Jax scowled as if he'd never be in the wrong. Never. And then came a tap on the door.

"You, expecting anyone?" Jax wanted to know.

"Are you?" Bash looked at him as if Jax was no better and could have suitors calling.

But it was a girl.

"Veronica!" Bash said her name with such enthusiem that it made Jax cross. And it wasn't any better when he watched them hug and kiss.

"Who? Is this?" Jax wanted to know.

"Well, Veronica." Bash looked at him with an open grin.

"Yeah, I get that. But? Who is she you?" Jax hugged himself with envy.

"Um, my ex's girlfriend." Then he spoke to her in French and she spoke back as if they might be the oldest of friends.

Jax couldn't help but scowl. Maybe he'd be in the same boat with Archie.


Launna said...

People need to say what they feel instead of always inferring... of course that isn't always easy, if it were we would all do it more often... something to work on though... xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Jax needs to be more open.