Friday, April 10, 2015

its gonna take some time

its gonna take some time

Grayson had to admit the months were flying by. And just as they were finally getting settled into their little place at the navel base, he had to go back to the ship. Before he knew it, he was in Europe. He actually had to fly to Spain to get ready for his next journey. So while he was there, he talked his way into getting a flight to France, to check on Nora's brother. Of course, it was Nora who talked him through it, to get him there.

"Good news, he's out of a coma." He called Nora, who was thrilled to know her brother was OK. She wanted to talk to him.

"I'm not sure, he can say anything." Grayson hated to be a downer. Of course, Nora's mother was no where to be seen. Grayson supposed it was a fluke they even let him see Joel. After all, Gray told him he was family. And maybe it helped to be in a Navy uniform. "But..but I'm sure he'd love to hear your voice."

Of course, Joel laid there like a pale zombie. Grayson couldn't say he was faking, but what if the boy was just scared?

"Its your sister." He put his cell up to Joel's ear. Of course, he couldn't express an emotion, but Grayson hoped he was listening.

Naturally, when he got back to Nora on the phone, she was crying.  Grayson could hardly keep it together himself.

"We'll see what we can do. " He sighed. He told her he loved her. Of course, he didn't tell her the WE he was actually talking about were his parents. But he called and told them the situation with Joel, all on his lonesome in a foreign hospital. From the looks of it, wasting away, perhaps.

"Joel, we're gonna try to get you out of here. Get you back home." Grayson kept smiling, wishing he didn't have to leave him. As it was, his parents were on the phone with Nora. Hopefully, they could find a peaceful way to get him back to the states.

"Hey, before you know it, you'll be in school. See, all your old friends." Grayson sighed as he squeezed Joel's hand. Of course, Joel didn't squeeze it back. Grayson knew it was going to take some time before he started walking and talking.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Joel is in such a fragile state right now - emotionally, mentally, and physically.


Sara Gerard said...

Such bittersweet news :(

Launna said...

How sad and yet there is hope... I do hope he gets better... the family needs that xox