Tuesday, April 28, 2015

making a change

making a change

Sky didn't know where to start. First he told Gramps (aka his Dad) that things were going great. With his job. Where he lived. Still, he wasn't so sure how Gramps would feel about his breakup with Josie. Gramps really liked her. Except, Josie seldom spoke to him. Honestly, Sky didn't get why Gramps thought that much of her.

"I'm..I'm not with Josie, anymore." Sky just said.

"Why?" That hurt look on Gramps' face said everything. "I was hoping you'd marry her."

"Oh..." Sky shook his head, no. He felt bad for letting him down. "She. We..." He cleared his throat. "I don't think I was what she was looking for."

"Don't say that!" Gramp furrowed his brow as if he knew better about these things than he did. "You, love her. I could see it with my own eyes."

"Yes, I did." He felt as if that was long ago. But he'd let that change with his breakdown. His family. "But..but its time to move on. She's going to college, and well..we were much too young to think about marriage." Although, he'd really thought at one time, that he wanted to start a family with her. Only, it got sidetracked. Evidently. It made his head hurt a little, at the thought that he'd let Gramps down. "And..see..I was wondering..I dunno..if you'd like to meet..somebody I've been seeing."

He just didn't feel right to say Sam was already living with him. "Could I bring Sam over for dinner."

"Sam?" Gramps looked up at him from his stationary recliner that was practically his home these days. Close to the TV. A bright crochetbag on the side with puzzle books and large print reads. "What are you saying? You're seeing a guy?" He was hostile at the notion.

Sky's eyes lit. He couldn't believe Gramps' reaction.

"No." Sky told him. "Sam's a girl. I ..I used to work with her..at the library. She's really..really a great girl. We're....we're friends." Sky sighed wishing he could tell Gramps everything. But it was easy to see Gramps didn't like change.

Sky winced, seeing why Nico never brought Mitch around.


Launna said...

Change is never easy... I know Sky has to move on... I wish it had not been so quickly... I think you need time to get over someone you loved, so that you don't bring that baggage into the next relationship.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Gramps is definitely set in his ways. :/


Lux G. said...

What's up with Gramps and changes? Should realize that change has many benefits.

Sara Gerard said...

Gramps seems a bit old-fashioned.