Sunday, April 12, 2015

More Plans

more plans

"Well..." Henry guessed he was a little rusty at this. He couldn't think of a better place to ask. Even if it were the library, but here was Josie, returning books. "Shall we go to Prom. Together?"

She looked at him kind of funny. As if she were not in the mood. Perhaps, never to be in the mood.

"Come on, get happy?" Yeah, he said it. Thinking, he honestly didn't have much to be happy about. Yet, it had been a week since his last seizure (which was at home, in the shower, before school..God knows, NO ONE would let him take a bath..but things were looking up. One small feat to celebrate, he supposed.)

"I dunno. Its just too late." She winced.

"No..its not. I have my own tux." Granted, he'd made the pants from some Good Will pants and there was a jacket he planned to put some finishing touches on. "And..and..I bet I could  put something together for you." However, it might be pieced from some thrifting, but woudn't that be fun?"

"You, would." She said it like he was the worst. "All right." But she wasn't happy about it.

"See, I still don't get ..what's got you so upset?" He checked in her books. " were the one who broke up with Sky. Remember?"

"It doesn't mean I'm happy about it." She sighed.

"Then..kiss and make up." He looked at her a bit perturbed, but she was even more perturbed.

"Look, he hates crowds. He would have never gone, anyway." She swelled a frown as if she was right about him.

"Then, all the better to go with me. Well, we'd go with Vada and Alo, but would be fun. It would." He smiled as if he had nothing at all to worry about. He wasn't going to let the threat of a seizure get to him. Although, bright lights, darkness, motion and loud music was not really the best combination for him. But who really knew what set his seizures in motion. After all, he had to take a shower every morning.

He smiled back, trying to get a smile from her. Maybe she was trying, but it was still too hard to tell.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I feel like she gave up on Sky too quickly.


ellie said...

She probably did. Still, I have a feeling she wanted to move on because of taking that next step in her life. I know I don't write about things like getting into the college you want since..well, most of the people I know were never such far ahead thinkers I guess. Yet, still I think a lot of us think we have it all figured out. Yet there are some relationships that one might wonder how they got there to begin with. Perhaps its best not to think toohard. Although, I felt Josie has grown up, a lot. Yet, she still might have some habits she can't quite break free of.

ivy said...

Oh Henry, He's a sweetie. I just hope he is what Josie needs. Sometimes, its best to go with friends to those big events of the school year.

Launna said...

Henry is sweet to her but I think she still has residual feelings for Sky... we will have to see ..