Tuesday, April 7, 2015

without a purpose

without purpose

Samantha wasn't sure she wanted to look at her text. She thought she'd remembered to turn her cell off, but it was almost time to go. Only three more minutes until her shift was up.

She knew Jude got off at five, but he'd been giving her the cold shoulder, lately. It was just, as well. It was true, she did have a streak of bad luck these days when it came to guys.

Was she a bad boy magnet?

And what was it about Jude?

It was different now. Being out of high school.

Dorm life was confusing too. She'd been way out of her comfort zone the first semester. Funny, how she'd been afraid she'd gain an extra 25 pounds. She'd worked hard to keep away from the parties, the food, the merriment. She used to run a lot on campus at night, until she thought one night someone was chasing her.

It still gave her a horrible feeling. How she'd ran for her life in the darkness. She hated that feeling, someone was following her. She didn't want to live in a Fear Street novel.

But now someone was sending her weird texts. She thought she'd nipped in the bud on her iPhone, but they just kept coming.

Maybe they didn't mean anything. Just little random facts. Like, seeing her at the deli or washing her clothes. Still, it gave her a nasty feeling. What did they want from her?

She looked up to see Connor standing at the library counter. He was loaded down with books about the Civil War.

"I forgot my library card." He looked at her as if he were in dire need of help.

She checked him out, even if he were over his limit.

"How's everything going?" She asked, but didn't ask about  his brother Jared, who had been so aloof lately. She practically forgot what he looked like.

"OK. I guess." He picked up his books and promised he would get them back way before the due date.

"Do, you, need a ride home?" She wanted to know. It was time for her to go, and she certainly wasn't going to give Jude a chance to find her.

"Sure." He smiled. After all, there was still a biting winter wind that just wouldn't let up.

They walked to her old car. and he got in with his books.

"So, how is Jared?" She didn't know why she asked.

"The trial won't be for a while, but he's under house arrest." Connor told her.

Samantha couldn't think Jared would have the time to be sending her such freaky texts.

"He probably doesn't even remember my name." She hadn't meant to sound sorry for herself, but he'd so let her down. A part of her wanted to send him miserable texts. But what would be the point?

Just then, they both noticed Jude walk out of the library. He pulled the woolen cap down over his head.

She suddenly had a bad feeling about him. Like something awful she'd seen on the news.

Samantha started her car.

Connor looked over at her as if he wanted to say something, but he didn't. She didn't expect him too.


Launna said...

Oh my... when Samantha feels these things they are given to her for a reason... we are all given the gift of fear and we should not let ourselves pho pho things like this... that is scary...

runners said...

The hair on the back of my neck just stood up!! wow, Ellie this is great writing.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Samantha needs to trust her instincts.


Sara Gerard said...

Hrm, Samantha might need to get help.