Sunday, May 31, 2015

in between the lines

Getting to the train on time

Scott thought they might have to go to the emergency room. No one was there to pick him up for the train station. He had to go on his own.

It was last minute when Leo did make it, and he wasn't quite in drag. Although, the wig was on and a little lippy, but he was in his hoodie and jeans.

Essie almost got in a girl fight with him. Leo had let her down, but Maggie went on with the wedding and Garvin made it in the neck of time to take a few photos. Just as they were finishing up, Sal showed up with his grandmother and little girl. More pictures were taken, but Leo looked bitter and Scott didn't know what was going on.

"I'm so mad at him." Essie said under her breath. Scott did his best to smile, wishing he could get out of these tight leather shoes, but they were off to Chicago.

" long as you aren't mad at me." He said, but he knew that was the wrong thing to say. Honestly, he didn't know the day could go so wrong.

When they did get to their car, they didn't go anywhere for another hour. Train troubles.

"I guess I deserve this." He said later with her bare feet in his lap and her ruffled white maxi looking more like a night gown now than a wedding gown. "I didn't want your parents to make you feel bad, you know. I..I deserve a lot more than this. I want you to have a lot more than this."

He remembered Aidan's kind words. As if he needed a pep talk about being a husband. "Just enjoy the moment." He'd said, but it was tough at the moment. Essie was so hot. She undid her bra and gave it to him to stuff in his coat jacket.

Scott only chuckled. He could only hope they didn't get in a train wreck.

not even the end of the road

Sal didn't know what to make of Leo. At least they made it to their train in time. There were a few quick goodbyes. Leo was a bit standoffish to everyone.

"What's going on?" Sal asked.

"What do you mean?" Leo's soured look only made him seem that much more untouchable. Even in jeans and a hoodie, there were plenty guys oogling a girl gone defiant tomboy Leo.

"I..I thought you were going to dress up ..for Essie's wedding." Sal looked over at Leo.

"What would be the point?" Leo fumed.

"You're like her best friend." Sal pointed out. As it was Sal hoped Sophie would be OK. He hoped things worked out OK with Sophie and Maggie. Everyone was going to keep in touch, but he had to wonder if Leo would ever call his own sister.

"Well, sometimes, best friends let you down. No matter what." Leo said the words as if he/she were speaking of someone else.

Sal only winced wondering if he knew who Leo was talking about.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Leo seems so down right now.


Launna said...

I hope Leo perks up... I know what he means about friends letting you down sometimes....