Thursday, May 7, 2015

one foot in front of the other


Of course, Derrick got to hold the baby first. He took the baby girl, with the nurse, to help clean her up while Rossie laid in complete exhaustion. She couldn't move. So many things she was hooked up too. It was amazing there was room for the baby to come out of the womb.

"You, look absolutely beautiful!" Derrick declared as he handed the baby over to her.

She smiled, happy that he did look a wreck, in a sweat, his hair frizzing. Of course, it was the baby she wanted to see.

"You know, I've been thinking..she needs a name of her own. And, you, should name her." He told her.

"No, she's our baby, you need a say, too." She didn't want to fuss, but she didn't want to wait weeks later to decide on a name, either. Rossie looked at the baby's long fingers and so much dark hair, yet pink skin. "Aasha." She said. And the infant's eyes opened, taking her in.

"Aasha." Derrick smiled as he looked at their daughter. "Perfect." He kissed Rossie, and she almost laughed.

She couldn't think of how tired she actually felt nor the pain she'd been through, but she was so exhausted..yet happy. It was definitely the biggest marathon of her life and it was only the beginning.

you are living your story

"Where's Josie!" Derrick said first thing when he found Camille out in the hallway.

"She, she left." Camille could see Derrick was hurt that she wasn't here for him to share the news. "Henry needed to go home."

"Henry was here?" Derrick winced as if that was the last person he could think of Josie to be with.

Then he apologized as he grabbed both of Camille's hands. "You, have to see Aasha! You must!"

She hurried on back. Although, she had to stop and get in the appropriate gear before they would let her see the infant. And of course, Camille was in happy tears when she saw the tiny thing.

She'd weighed all of six pounds. And she was an alert little thing.

"Do you like the name?" He wanted to know.

"Well, of course. Its a wonderful name." Camille looked up at him.

Derrick was a bit hyper.

"Look, Derrick, I know you're really excited, but you need to keep calm."

"I'm calm." Derrick looked at her as if that was a joke. "I'm really calm." He took a deep breath as if he guessed he did need to slow down.

"Have you eaten anything?"

He shook his head, no.

"But..if I eat..I'll fall asleep. I don't want to fall asleep. I want to be here for Aasha." Derrick was serious.

"Yeah, I know..but you'll need your rest. I'm sure Rossie will be released from the hospital by tomorrow." For all Camille knew they might only keep her here for a few more hours. It was well into the night. "Trust, me, you need to rest."

"I don't think I can." He smiled. "I just want to be here... for the both of them."

Camille smiled. "OK." She was going to ask the nurse about him staying here, the night with Rossie and the baby. "I'll see if I can get you something in the cafeteria." She wasn't even sure if he'd drink a milkshake.

She went back to give him a hug. To assure him she was proud of him and his new family.


Launna said...

Derrick needs to eat and relax, he'll be no good for Rossie or Aasha otherwise ... cute name ♡

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Derrick is being so awesome right now!