Tuesday, May 5, 2015

there and back again

There and Back Again

Camille could see in Derrick's eyes that he was so tired, but he was right there by Rossie's side through every squirm and scream.

Camille didn't stay long in the room with them. She had to admit, she was glad to never go through birthing again.

Finally, Derrick came out in the hallway and got the coffee Camille brought him.

"Do you think it'll be much longer?" He squinted.

"It might be." Camille nodded. She checked her watch. They'd only been here four hours.

"I feel so bad about all this." He did look worried, but he sipped the cream coffee with an extra shot of caffeine.

"So far so good." Camille shrugged as she put her arm around him. His curls were of sweat, and he looked as if he'd stooped over Rossie a little too much.

Derrick nodded. "I guess so." But he was tense. Perhaps on the verge of tears. "I think she's really mad at me." He bit his bottom lip.

"It'll be different once the baby is here. Have, you, decided on a name?" Camille asked as if maybe that would take his mind off Rossie at the moment.

"Not really. I mean, it's a girl..and well, I can't call her Amanda..because..Max and Daisy named their baby Amanda." He shrugged, straight lipped.

"Maybe, you could use that for a middle name." Camille suggested.

"We talk about it, but.." He shook his head. "A part of me, thinks I need to name her after my Mom or..my sister,  then Rossie starts talking about her grandmother Ruth, I mean really..I don't want to call her Ruthie."

He pushed his fingers through his damp hair.

"Well, maybe you'll know, once you see her face to face. Then you two can decide." Camille kept smiling, hoping Derrick wouldn't worry so.

Then the nurse came out and announced it was time.

"Its time!" Camille told him.

He took a gulp of the hot coffee.

"Its time!" He hugged her as if she was his mother and would be a grandmother to this baby.

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Camille is awesome for being there!