Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lets have some fun

Loads to get too

Of course, Halie wanted to go go..go, and Josie wanted to sit still and play with Alec.

"Well, you need to be out doing something, you know. Live a little." Halie wanted to take her to the University where she and Dustin would be moving, at the end of summer. "We could have some fun there." She planned on leaving Alec with her mother.

"But.." Josie guessed she'd have too. There was a musical festival that Halie insisted they needed to go too.

Josie was dragging and she really wanted to see Ian and his family again. It was hardly proper. There short visit on the way here in his car. Everything so rushed.

"Ian was asking..if I..could..you know visit." Josie winced, but she knew Halie didn't like the idea of her going to Ian's.

"But.you're my best mate, and..we have loads to get too." Halie was in a huff.

"OK." Josie guessed she'd visit Ian's family when they got back. Although, it was planned for the whole weekend to stay with Molly.

Lucy & Archie

Archie was laying low, lately. He wasn't all that impressed about Halie and her plans with her friend from America. Besides, there were his studies and he had to get away from a full house. No way, did he want much to do with Bash's friend Veronica.

Actually, he'd found someone.

Not like he picked up strangers at the pub, but he thought he'd bumped into Molly one night. Come to find out, Molly had a twin. Lucy.

She was far more entertaining. She loved the mic and did stand up. And they'd hit it off. Just as mates.

It was good to have a smile, but Lucy didn't want her sister to know she was around.

"Might cramp her style." Evidently, they didn't see eye to eye on anything. "She has a boy. I have the world." Was the way she put it, and Archie might have been smitten, yet certain all Lucy needed was a drinking buddy because... Lucy did have a way with the hard stuff.

She admitted it was her secret to a good joke.

And here Archie thought things were looking up. Still, there was Halie's friend to entertain. He'd heard so much about Josie that he thought he might have met her. But then again, Halie and Dusty were taking her to Molly's.

This would mean having to go solo and watching the other couples, coupling. Possibly, it was all a show like Lucy said. Naturally, no way would she go. It wasn't her cup a tea.

"But come around, after." He thought she might have belched into the phone. Of course, he winced, wondering what that was suppose to mean. But first dinner at Molly's with Jax and Bash.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

It feels like Lucy may be up to something. Why hide from Molly?


Launna said...

Halie needs to let Josie have time with others...