Monday, June 22, 2015

You can make it click...making me pop

you can make it click

Henry had so much to tell Josie, he didn't know where to start. But she was hard, getting a hold of.

He was beginning to think she just didn't want to take his calls.

So he sent her a video of Samantha and Sky at the library playing for a very small crowd.

Maybe he did it, out of spite. But he had to do something to get her attention.

He nursed his bottom lip, thinking they could be besties, again. Maybe. Hopefully. Why couldn't they?

"Hey..." His voice lingered once he heard her on the phone. "Having fun yet?"

"I've been kind of sick." She finally said.

"Really? How sick?" He winced, thinking it was code for something. "I mean..sorry..are..are you OK?" It felt lame to ask. But he didn't wait for an answer, "Listen...Vada's got a twin brother."

"Oh yeah." Her tone was a tad sarcastic, but he guessed he should have expected it. After all, he'd just sent her a video of her ex with his new girlfriend.

"Yeah, he's like a genius or something, but he's autistic too. I guess they call  him high functioning autistic or..something like that." He was quiet.

"How's Vada taking it?" Josie wanted to know.

"Well..she's actually a year older than she thought she was and she always celebrated her birthday in the fall when she should have been celebrating in the spring. Weird, huh?" Henry found himself smiling at the news about Vada.

"Yeah, most definitely." Josie's voice was dull.

"Oh..and I do have one more thing to tell you..but you tell everything is there."

making me pop

Josie was glad they weren't on FACETIME or Henry would have seen her roll her eyes. She sighed.

Seriously, she wasn't impressed with the food here. She wanted real French fries. Evidently, she just couldn't appreciate local food. And the traveling had been so exhausting. Her back ached and she  couldn't get in the right position for a good night's sleep.

"Fine." She finally said to him over the phone while she was lounging back at Halie's.

"That is not specific." Henry informed her.

"What do you want to tell me?"

"Well.." Henry began.

Josie knew she'd have to wait for it. He was the king of drama and maybe gossip, too.

"The little shindig we had for the library fund raiser was other night, and well..I guess Cassie thought she'd be stuck with she brought Jude's ex's brother, Preston...and..get this..there was some flirting going on."

She could hear Henry's smile, already. She hated the thought of him having so much fun.

"Oh,'re just putting two and two together." Josie snapped. "Why don't YOU just ask Jude out, yourself!"

There was a silence. Too long of a silence.

"Hullo. Henry, are you there?"

She'd done it this time. He hung up on her.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Josie is definitely hung up on Henry.


Launna said...

Josie and Henry need to see each other and really talk...