Friday, July 31, 2015

Everything's Falling into Place

Isn't it lovely!

"What do you think?' Halie wanted to know as she scanned the room with her iPhone camera while she was on FACETIME with Molly. "Isn't it lovely?"

It was brand new to her. Funny, how something like a big bed made a world of difference. It was something Halie had always wanted.

"And Alec has his own room." He was already snoozing. She knew she'd probably regret it. Letting him sleep right now, but she was still in a stupor of some kind from the air travel. She'd never traveled this much in one summer. A trip to Paris, now this. "Its the last thing I ever really expected." Halie told Molly.

"Which part? You, getting back together with Gage or walking out of Dustin's life, like you did?" Molly stared at her as if she was really disappointed in these new developments.

"He really hurt me, you know." Halie snapped. "I couldn't believe..she just went to that. Oh, he'd been playing me for a fool, I'm not daff."

"But, you were so in love." Molly reminded her with a grim look.

"Well, its over." Halie was in a pout. Why did she go to all the trouble to let Molly know anything. After all, she was all smiles about Archie. "And look at you, going all gaga over Archie. Are you sure about him?" Halie sighed. It was as if Molly had stooped to a new low, this time.

"He's really ..the best." Molly informed her. "I love doing nothing him with him."

"Does this mean you're not doing something something..then?" Halie couldn't help to smirk.

"Wouldn't you like to know." Molly smirked back as if she'd never let her bedroom secrets see the light of day. "Oh, by the way, Archie's on the phone with that brother of yours. I don't think he's too pleased that you haven't rang him. What's up with that?"

"I'm busy." Halie winced. She was getting her wardrobe in order and was delighted she had her half of a closet that wasn't stuck out in the floor of the room, There were shelves for her shoes and other belongings. Honestly, she knew exactly what Jules would say. He'd have a job for her, and she wasn't so certain she wanted to work in that campus coffee shop.

I just need to know

"So where do you know this dude from?" Gage felt a little naked, not having a baby to hold. Actually, his arms ached. He just needed some sleep, but his mother was making tea.

"Dude?" She looked at him as if he could do better than call her boyfriend a dude.

"His name is actually, Easy?" Gage couldn't help to say it as if he might have a bad taste in his mouth.

"Yes, his name is Easy and ..and..he really is..sweet. I'm glad I found him." She let the herbal tea bag dance around in the cup.

"Just how did you find him?" Gage didn't want this to be a problem, but he did want to know who his mother was living with.

"At the playground." She shrugged.

"The playground?"

"He's a good guy. His father barely lives a block or so away. He has a job. We'll be fine." She assured him.

Gage nodded, wanting to let himself relax. He knew he'd have to pace himself.

"What about you? Are you sure ..about.." She wouldn't say her name, as she handed him a big mug of tea.

"Halie?" He was guessing.

"No, you leaving Macy behind. I mean, I'm sure if the two of you talked it..out.."

"There's nothing to talk about." He told his mother. "Just..don't even say her name. This is about Halie, now. About us, and Alec." He would not let himself have a detour and have any inkling of sadness about Macy. But deep inside, he felt as if he was getting a bad case of the flu, and in his heart, he knew it was all Macy's fault.

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His mom's right, he needs to talk to Macy.