Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Leaving on an airplane

Leaving on an airplane

Gage figured he would be alone on this flight to England, but he wasn't.

He was sitting next to Henry. Of course, Gage didn't know what to say. He didn't want to talk to him. He figured Henry didn't want to talk to him, either.


"I can do this. I can very well do this." Henry might as well be talking to himself. "I have to do this."

"OK." Gage barely breathed. "Just..just shut up, dude."

"I know Mom thinks this is all wrong. I mean, I can't just sit around and DO nothing, you know?" Henry informed Gage he was physically fine. They'd reset what ever it was, that was in him and tweeked his meds. Good as new. Now if Gage could just find the switch to turn him off.

Perhaps, it was Gage who felt bad about leaving his actual mother. He didn't want to feel the pain, but he was afraid she wouldn't be here when he got back. It was hard for him to explain that she was important to him, even if Ren was just as important and so was his Dad. And of course, Alec.

He kept studying the baby's photo on his phone.

"I've never been on a airplane before." Henry finally confessed.

"Me, either." Gage sighed. He guessed a part of him thought it was fun, but not nearly as much as it would have been.. if Macy was here with him.

Henry looked out of the passenger window as clouds covered up the ground below and a certain sleepiness set in. Gage could already feel it. He sank back in his seat.

"I figured you'd have been more places." Gage shrugged.

"No, my dad always went places. Like, California, D.C." Henry's voice was calmer now. "I always stayed home. I hoped one day it would be my turn."

"Well...I guess its your lucky day." Gage was so ever straight lipped, not even wanting to imagine the reception he might get when they landed.

"Guess." Henry's voice cracked.

Gage looked at Henry and saw that he was crying.

"Hey, whats wrong?" Gage winced, not sure if he should have asked, but this was going to be a very long flight with a cousin he hardly knew.

"I just don't want to lose my best friend." Henry could barely breathe.

is it all wrong

Honestly, Henry had no one he could exactly explain this too. But it was like a sign of some kind when Gage's dad mentioned to his mother about the ticket. His mother was explaining to Gage's Dad that Henry was worried about Josie. Then Gage's Dad reminded Henry's Mom, they were family. They could help each other out.

Honestly, Henry didn't know he would even get the clear to go. At the moment, he wasn't even worried if he had a job or not.

No, this revelation about Josie being his best friend, stuck in his head. It was as if anything was possible. He just didn't know he could feel this kind of joy with a best friend. Deep down, he hoped it was true. He wanted a family with Josie.

"Does that sound lame to you?" Henry wanted to know from Gage now. It was like having a captivated  audience. He guessed. Of course, it felt as if they were scrunched up in a cattle car, being shuttled to a destination across the pond as Ian liked to put it.

Ian was OK with Gage and Henry staying at his house.

"No. Not at all." Gage shook his head. He was so much more understanding than Henry ever imagined. It was good to confide, in someone.

He looked at his cousin, wondering why he'd ever hated him, in the first place. He didn't even know him. Of course, it was fading fast in is head that Vada ever had bad dealings with Gage. It was the past, which felt so fleeting now. Henry just needed to see Josie.

Gage spoke of his mother then. He'd met her. She was actually in town. Something about Carson getting married.

"Huh." Henry didn't know this stuff. He wondered if his mother knew. They were family. "What did she say?" He wanted to know about Gage's mother.

"I think she's sorry. About everything." Gage was straight lipped. Henry thought maybe Gage was sorry about a lot things, too.

"I hope it goes all right, you know, about Alec." Henry found himself saying, not even sure if he could actually hear himself think.

Gage offered him some gum.

Henry didn't want it. What if he swallowed it, during a seizure?

It haunted him. The thought of his body thrashing in the isle of the plane. Instead, sleep set in. He listened to Gage talk a while about how he was going to work at the Black Cat.

"But you want to see Alec, don't you?" Henry thought he asked. Gage needed to see Alec. Not work at a pub.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I feel horrible for Henry - and to think he's concerned about someone else with all that he's going through. He has such a wonderful heart!


Launna said...

I'm happy Henry is going to Josie and that he and Gage are connecting